Hangar 9 Timber 110 30-50cc ARF, 110 "

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    • Hangar 9 Timber 110 30-50cc ARF, 110 "


      The Hangar 9® Timber® 110 30-50cc is a 280 cm balsa plywood ARF model based on the popular E-flite® Timber series. Its innovative design combines the spirited performance of a sports aircraft with the versatility of a bush plane, bringing all the facets together in one model. It offers an unparalleled flying experience, from STOL flight to 3D aerobatics. The Timber is packed with features and details that will delight both advanced and experienced pilots alike. The lightweight construction in a high-quality laser cut balsa and plywood construction offers everything you would expect from a STOL large model. The two-part,

      The installation is so easy that your time at the workbench is as short and pleasant as possible. The majority of the construction consists in the mating of the parts. The complete hardware package contains everything needed to complete the model. The rudders (except the rudder) are already hinged, while multiple service lids provide easy access to electronics and flight batteries. The wood construction is covered with Hangar 9 UltraCote®, which is known for its durable, brilliant appearance and durability. The pre-painted aluminum chassis and 7-inch tundra tires complete the look of the Timber 110. The Hangar 9 CubCrafters XCub 60cc bungee suspension also fits perfectly and optimally completes the rugged look. When using the LED light kit (sold separately), the Timber 110 has optional headlight covers. The Timber 110 30-50cc extends the portfolio of high quality Hangar 9® aircraft. All are designed and manufactured to strict standards. They consist of the best components and materials. In addition, for each Hangar 9® product, you can contact our customer service for the technical support you need.

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      Timber 110 30-50cc ARF
  • features

    • High-quality balsa plywood construction ensures a robust and lightweight airframe
    • Colorful UltraCote cover for a high-quality finish and good looks
    • Efficient flaps enhance flight performance for STOL launches and landings
    • Several maintenance openings provide good access for installation and battery replacement
    • Large 7 "tundra style tires included
    • Optional slats allow even shorter take-off and landing distances (included)
    • Ready hinged rudder surfaces (apart from the rudder) shorten your construction time
    • The pluggable, two-piece wing with carbon fiber connecting tube enables easy transport and space-saving storage
    • The removable tailplane ensures easy installation on site
    • The mount fits Hangar 9 CubCrafters XCub 60cc bungee suspension (sold separately)
    • The set enables tool-free installation on the airfield
    • The painted fiberglass bonnet does not require any post-processing
    • The painted aluminum chassis fits perfectly with the color scheme
    • The aircraft is suitable for gasoline and electric motors
    • There are pick-up points for the optional float set
    • The complete hardware kit contains the mounting material for the combustion engine and electric motor
    Is needed
    • 30-50cc 2-stroke gasoline engine or comparable electric drive
    • Standard high-torque servos as a sports plane; Brushless digital HV high-torque servos for 3D aerobatics
    • Evolution of optical ignition switch
    • Full-range 5+ channel remote control and receiver
    • (1) Rechargeable battery for receiver power supply
    • (1) for ignition (when using an internal combustion engine)
    • 76 mm (3 ") aluminum spinner
    • (1) propeller
    • Glue and tools