SPM20000EU DX20 20-CH System w/ AR9020 Mode 2 Selectable 1-4



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  • SPM20000EU DX20 20-CH System w/ AR9020 Mode 2 Selectable 1-4


    From it’s premium construction and comfortable ergonomics to it’s powerful programming features, the DX20 delivers a pro-class flying experience that is second to none. In fact, it’s the only transmitter in it’s price range equipped with machined aluminium gimbals.

     Multi-Engine Control

    The airplane programming includes a multi-engine control option that, when activated, allows you to independently adjust and control up to four engines or motors. You could use it to make individual run-up checks on the ground or sync propeller speeds in flight. It also makes it possible to use asymmetric thrust to tighten the turning radius of large models during ground operations.

    ProTrim In-Flight Adjustments

    When active, ProTrim will allow you to make small dual rate, expo, mix and differential adjustments in flight.

    Programmable Voice Alerts

    With voice alerts, you can keep tabs on important functions without ever taking your eyes off what you’re flying. They can be programmed to call out what flight mode you’ve chosen or report telemetry information on demand. If an alarm goes off, you won’t have to look at the transmitter display to see what’s happening. The DX20 will tell you.

    Pro-Class Programming for Sailplanes

    In addition to extensive airplane and heli programming, the DX20 has the most impressive sailplane programming features you'll find in any handheld transmitter. Ten available flight modes, 5 wing types, 3 tail types, 2 motor types, flap delay with elevator compensation – it has it all. You even have the ability to adjust individual servo characteristics (end points, travel, centre, etc.) for all 20 channels.

    Built-In Sequencer

    Program a sequence of switch-activated events with time delays between each event. For instance, with a flip of the gear switch you could have an auxiliary channel open landing gear doors, then have the retract channel lower the landing gear, followed by the auxiliary channel closing the gear doors after the gear is extended.

    20 fully-proportional channels
  • Comfortable side grips
  • Adjustable stick length and tension
  • Machined aluminium, quad-bearing gimbals
  • User-adjustable mode configurations (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • User-assigned switch functions
  • Easy-to-read backlit screen
  • Intuitive SimpleScroll programming interface
  • Includes 3 stick end sets – short, medium and long
  • 7 swashplate types
  • 11 airplane wing types
  • 10 sailplane flight modes
  • X-Plus™ technology expandability up to 20 channels

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