Blade 230 S V2 BNF Basic with SAFE Technology



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    • Blade 230 S V2 BNF Basic with SAFE Technology
  • Blade 230 S V2 BNF Basic

    For those looking to hone their skills on a collective pitch machine, the Blade® 230 S V2 takes the flight experience to the next level. Building off the widely popular platform, this new version adds key improvements geared at growing pilot skills. The new ESC gives even more impressive flight stability and heading hold, creating a clean, confidence inspiring flight experience. Additionally, the newly tuned Spektrum™ AR636 with aluminum bottom case and improved damping makes this heli feel like a whole new machine in the air. Engineered around the abilities of innovative SAFE® technology, its progressive flight mode system makes flying a collective pitch heli more comfortable, even if it’s your first collective pitch helicopter. A reinforced frame and main gear along with metal gear servos and ABS main blades can survive the learning curve and add confidence. The flight and strength improvements make this a blast to fly in your local park or backyard.

    Video Overview

    Blade 230 S V2 BNF Basic

    Needed to Complete
    • A multifunction 6+ channel transmitter with Spektrum™ DSMX® 2.4GHz technology
    • LiPo Battery
    • Appropriate Charger
    What's in the box?
    • (1) Blade 230 S V2 BNF Basic
    • (1) Spektrum™ AR636 Receiver
    • (3) H3050 Micro Cyclic Servo
    • (1) Brushless ESC
    • (1) 3900Kv Brushless Motor
    • (1) User Manual

    Innovative SAFE Technology makes it easy for anyone to fly helicopters with confidence. Flight modes from self-leveling to full 3D allow you to grow your skills with this helicopter, from beginner & intermediate, to advanced maneuvers.

    SAFE Technology
    • Stability Mode-Limited flight envelope with self-leveling a bank angle limit.
    • Agility Mode - Full control for sport aerobatics with no bank angle limit.
    • 3D Mode - Turns up the flip and roll rate for 3D capability.
    Spektrum AR636

    Quickly return to level flight with the press of a button should you lose orientation, or get into an uncomfortable situation.

    Panic Recovery

    Newly refined ESC delivers vastly improved performance, reliability, and tail hold.

    New ESC

    More robust main gear provides greater durability in the event of a crash.

    New Main Gear

    Durable, digital high speed servos offer precise, high-performance control that every heli pilot craves.

    Metal Gear Cyclic Servos

    The collective pitch rotor mechanics of the 230 S have been engineered to give you just the right level of maneuverability for learning aerobatics and inverted flight.

    Collective Pitch Rotor System

    Impact-resistant ABS main blades and newly reinforced tough composite airframe and tail rotor.


    The high-speed brushless main and tail motors work together to deliver a simplified drive system that makes the 230 S V2 light weight and responsive.

    Brushless Motors

    Vivid canopy and bright main blades and tail make it easy to maintain orientation.

    High Visibility

    Blade 230 S V2 BNF Basic

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