Powerbox PBR-26XS 8242



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        • Powerbox PBR 26XS 8242

        • The PBR-26XS serves as a small receiving unit for any PowerBox system, or as an external expansion receiver for PBR receivers. For optimum reception the PBR-26XS can even be installed in a slim fin, since it is only 4mm thick.

          The PBR-26XS connection communicates PPM12 and S.BUS as well as PowerBox protocols, such as P²-BUS and FastTrack Out, which means that the receive unit can also be used with third-party flight simulators or helicopter gyro systems.


        • Features

          • 26 channels 2.4 GHz receiver
          • Reception with extreme resistance to interference
          • Extreme range
          • The ideal receiving unit for PowerBox or FBL systems
          • Integral telemetry and servo bus (P²BUS)
          • High-performance real-time telemetry
          • Reception quality and battery voltage permanently available via telemetry
          • Includes various protocols, such as P²-BUS, FastTrack, S.BUS, SRXL, PPM12
          • Parameter settings for all functions from the transmitter

          Technical Data

          Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
          Current drain Power-on state 58mA
          Supported RC systems ATOM/CORE
          Channels 26
          Programmable servo outputs P²-BUS, FastTrack, S.BUS, PPM12
          Servo signal resolution 4096 Steps
          Supported telemetry systems P²-BUS
          Dimensions 46 x 13 x 4 mm

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