Arrows L39 50mm PNP with Vector Stabilisation System (750mm)

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  • Arrows L39 50mm PNP with Vector Stabilisation System (750mm)
  • Key Features
    • High quality pre-painted EPO foam airframe.
    • Pre-installed Vector 6-axis gyro.
    • Glue- and screw-together assembly.
    • Proven pre-installed hardware.
    • Superior ball joint control linkages.
    • Outstanding power-to-weight ratio.
    • Secure magnet-retained canopy.
    • Retract-free, fly anywhere simplicity.
    • Suits 3S 11.1V 1300 – 2200mAh 30C LiPo.
    • Three pre-installed high-quality digital servos.
    • Takes standard 4-channel radio (aileron, elevator, throttle).
    • Smooth-sounding 11-blade fan.
    • 30-minute assembly time.
    • 8 minute flight on a 2200mAh LiPo.
    What's in the Box
    • 1x Factory assembled and finished fuselage.
    • 1x Factory assembled and finished 1-piece wing.
    • 1x Factory assembled and finished 1-piece tailplane.
    • 1x Factory-finished nose cone.
    • 1x Pre-installed 2627 4500KV brushless motor.
    • 1x Pre-installed 50mm 11-blade fan.
    • 1x Pre-installed 30A ESC with XT60 connector.
    • 1x Pre-installed Vector 6-axis gyro.
    • 3x Pre-installed high quality 9g digital servos.
    • 1x Self-adhesive decal sheet.
    • 1x Screw set.
    • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
    Needed to Complete
    • 1x 4-channel transmitter and receiver combo.
    • 1x 3S 1300 – 2200mAh 30C LiPo with XT60 connector.
    • 1x 3S compatible LiPo balance charger.

    Product Description
    Given that the full-size L-39 Albatros was designed as a high-performance jet trainer, it’s more than appropriate that this beautifully realised 1/14-scale version performs the same role in model form. Perfectly capturing the easy-on-the-eye appeal of the much loved ‘70s jet, Arrows’ L-39 will be something of an eye-opener to anyone who still thinks EDF jets are difficult to fly. Experience the T-33 in action and you’ll quickly realise that nothing could be further from the truth. Packing a sweet-sounding 50mm 11-blade fan that’s spun by a precision 2627 4500KV brushless motor, this 3S-fuelled semi-scaler can’t fail to delight with its flowing aerobatics, cloud punching performance and exceptional speed. But that’s not the half of it, the L-39 is also a beautifully practical model that exhibits exceptional slow speed handling, is small enough to transport in one piece, is retract (hassle) free and, moreover, gets away beautifully from an underarm launch. Given that it’s enticingly budget-friendly and such a good performer, there’s outstanding value for money here and, for that alone, we just know you’ll love it.

    Wingspan (mm): 808
    Length (mm): 659
    Motor (KV): 4500
    Rec'd battery: 3S 2200mAh
    ESC (A): 30
    All-up weight (g): 480

    Aircraft Technical Specifications

    Weights & Dimensions
    Shipping Weight 0.00kg 0.00lbs

    Product Length 808mm 31.8in
    Product Wingspan 660mm 25.9in
    Product Wing Area 9dm2 136in2

    Completion Level PNP
    Experience Level Intermediate / expert
    Assembly Time 30min
    Recommended Usage Environment Outdoors
    Material EPO
    Motor/Engine 1x Brushless 2627 4500KV.
    Servos 3x 9g digital.
    ESC 1x 30A ESC with XT60 connector.