KAVAN Pulse 2200 ARF



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  • KAVAN Pulse 2200 ARF Glider
  • Get ready for loads of fun in the air - a new swift and dexterous PULSE 2200 has an elegant "scale model" look of a modern glider, a fully mechanical wing with ailerons and flaps, a robust carbon-supported design made of foam EPO, and thanks to a brushless power class 600–800W it is powerful enough for acrobatic and slope flying. A perfect recreational aeroplane, which will every advanced to professional pilot fully enjoy!

    The fuselage is made of highly durable foam EPO (expanded polyolefin) with thorough inner reinforcements. In the hull is placed electric brushless motor C3548-750 with a foldable 11x8" propeller and an ESC RAY G2 R-50SB with a powerful input voltage BEC stabilizer needed for powering of 6 servos onboard. The canopy is detachable, fixed in place by a tenon on the front and a magnet on the back. On the bow, you will find enough space for a propulsion battery and a receiver. Rudder and elevator servos are located in the tail part of the hull, and the rudder is controlled via a short direct wire linkage.

    The two-part wing of the model made of foam EPO is reinforced by carbon supports, whose overlapping parts are also used as a wing joint fitting into dural holes in the fuselage. Halves of the wing are locked in place by a plastic screw. Ailerons (reinforced by carbon strips) and flaps are always independently controlled by two servos with short direct wire linkages.

    Tailplanes are too made of foam EPO with carbon strip reinforcements. A two-part horizontal tailplane is fixed to a keel by a carbon joint and a pair of screws for simple assembly and disassembly.

    Model is powered by brushless motor class C3548-750 with a 50A ESC RAY G2 R-50SB.

    Energy is provided by a LiPo 4S battery with a capacity of 2600–4000mAh with a discharge rate of at least 30C. Determine the best type so that the centre of mass is optimal without further weight balancing.

    ARF set contains: complete fuselage, wing, tailplanes made of EPO with assembled motor, propeller, ESC and 6 servos, user manual.

    Wing span [mm] 2200
    Length [mm] 1272
    Weight [g] 2100 - 2250

    Motor *C3548-750
    *RAY G2 R-50SB
    14,8V 2600 - 4000 mAh . MHS Rec 3300mah
    Servos *6x micro fitted

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