Multiplex Kit FunJet Ultra 2



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  • Multiplex Kit FunJet Ultra 2
  • Product Information

    The "ULTRA-variant" is designed for extreme speed. It has greater integral stiffness than the "normal" version, resulting in even greater stability with a slightly increased weight. At speeds above the 200 km/h mark requirements for pilot and materials are enormous, but you can be assured that Multiplex design and manufacturing is more than up to this  The "ULTRA" is, therefore, the right choice for speed fans. 

    Despite being designed for maximum speed, Funjet ULTRA2 has excellent low-speed and landing characteristics, keeping critical and precise control right down to the landing.

    This is the kit version to suit your own running gear.

    What's in the box?

    • ELAPOR®- moulded parts for fuselage, wings, tail units, canopy

    • CFK-Holm, deep-drawn & lacquered canopy glass

    • Anodised aluminium motor bulkhead

    • All plastic, small and articulated parts required for assembly

    • High-quality, multi-coloured decal sheet

    • Detailed instructions

    What you need

    • Transmitter and receiver
    • Brushless outrunner motor
    • ESC
    • 2 x servos
    • 2 x 15 cm extension cables
    • 1 x plug fuses
    • LiPo battery
    • Compatible charger
    • 6x5.5" propeller
    • Super glue and other tools 

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