OMP 49" Bighorn Pro ARF with flaps - Blue 1,24m



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  • OMP 49" Bighorn Pro ARF with flaps - Blue 1,24m
  • An ARTF kit of a sporty high-wing aeroplane (1,250 mm wingspan) with 3D aerobatic/STOL capabilities thanks to large control surfaces and flaps for 500-600W brushless motor with 3S LiPo. Very light iron-on film covered balsa/plywood airframe. Aileron, flap, elevator and ruder control.

    The aerobatic high-wing Bighorn Pro plane proves a classic balsa airframe sporting large control surfaces, flap and powerful motor could bring you as much fun as similar “foamies”. If you like what all those „Joke“ Pipers are doing in the air, but foam models are not your cup of tea, the Bighorn Pro is a good choice for you.

    The fuselage is of light balsa and plywood “box” design covered by the Oracover® iron-on film. It is prepared for installation of 500-600 W brushless motor using a radial mount (e.g. KAVAN C3542-1000, KAVAN PRO 3542-1150, Model Motors AXI 2820/12 etc. with 40-60 A ESC featuring powerful SBEC). A detachable windshield and large hatch on the top of the cockpit are giving perfect access to the entire power system and RC gear. The elevator and rudder micro servos are to be installed into the tail end of the fuselage.

    The two-piece all-balsa wing with a semi symmetrical airfoil uses a carbon tube joiner; the wing halves are secured with screws to the fuselage. The large ailerons and flaps are controlled by a single servo each.

    The empennage is a light all-balsa work.

    The entire model is covered by the ULTRACOTE® iron-on film (ULTRACOTE® is the trade mark for the ORACOVER® film used in the USA.)

    The main undercarriage features aluminium legs and lightweight large diameter wheels; the tail wheel with a carbon bracket is coupled with the rudder.

    You will need 500-600 W brushless electric motor (e.g. KAVAN PRO 3542-1150 wit 12x6-6.5” prop, 50-60 A ESC and 3S LiPo at least 30C 2,200-3,000 mAh; you should go for 40C pack if you are seeking 3D performance.

    You will need at least 6-channel RC set to control your Bighorn Pro, a good 7-channel (or more) radio is preferred to enjoy the independent set-up and mixing of all the flap and aileron servos. You will need 6 strong 17 g metal gear micro servos.

    The ARTF kit contents: Oracover® covered fuselage, wing and tailplane, aluminium main undercarriage, tail wheel assembly, wheels, set of accessories and instruction manual.


    Wing span [mm]

    Length [mm] 1040
    Weight [g] 1365 - 1410
    Wing surface [dm2] 27.4

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