PREMIER AIRCRAFT RV8 60E Super PNP Night Inc AURA 8 and LED Light Set Green

Flex Innovations


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  • PREMIER AIRCRAFT RV-8 60E Super PNP Night Inc AURA 8 and LED Light Set Green
  • The Flex Innovations RV-8 has an extremely robust yet lightweight airframe that offers an incredibly broad flight spectrum. From beginner to expert, the RV-8 has something for everyone. Beautiful, true to scale details, a clear canopy with cockpit and pilot and a beautiful, modern colour design ensure a true to scale presence in the air and on the ground.

    The finely tuned propulsion system allows the RV-8 to fly both long-range, dynamic aerobatic manoeuvres and simple 3D manoeuvres in a very predictable manner. It offers a perfectly balanced air frame design in combination with the included Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System. The Aura 8 AFCS is currently the most advanced stabilisation system and offers an incomparable flight experience. The steering response will feel soft, predictable, direct and precise in the aircraft's controls, without distorting the pilot's input. The pre-programmed and installed Aura 8 works with any known transmitter and receiver and only needs a quick connection to your receiver to get you flying. The Aura is pre-programmed as standard with 3 flight modes (Low Rate, Gyro Off - Low Rate, Gyro On - High Rate, Live-Wing, Gyro On) that let you choose how you want to fly.

    The RV-8 structure is hollow inside and has plywood and carbon fiber reinforcements at the neuralgic points. The innovative plywood substructure secures the propulsion system to the wing tube and landing gear mount and ensures that the engine runs very smoothly even at high power and nothing can warp. Since it is made of EPO foam, it is very robust and yet easy to repair. The RV-8 can be equipped with a range of optional accessories, including a float for flying from the water and a camera mount. Check out the night version with internally mounted and pre-installed LEDs that illuminate the aircraft from the inside!

    With the experience of hundreds of designs previously developed, F3A and Free Style World Champion Quique Somenzini has maximized the simplicity and practicality of the RV-8 design. The assembly time is less than an hour and assembly on the airfield is extremely fast. The model is easy to transport. In the air, the stability, precision, power and unparalleled maneuverability will make the RV-8 your favorite aircraft of everyday life!

    - Advanced 3-Axis Gyro Stabilisation System Aura 8
    - Faithful lines and details to combine the majestic look with a previously unenriched flying experience.
    - Removable pilot for individual adjustment or easy replacement.
    - Less than 1 hour assembly time
    - The innovative plywood substructure connects the engine securely to the fuselage while providing excellent battery assembly and cooling.
    - Hollow EPO foam wing with internal wood and carbon fiber structure
    - Two-part wing for easy transport and field assembly
    - Light wing loading for easy handling, even for beginners
    - Large flaps for breathtaking short take-offs and landings
    - Large rudder surfaces for excellent manoeuvrability, especially during 3D flight
    - Huge fuselage opening for easy access to battery and RC components
    - Vortex generators for better control at low speeds
    - Model navigation lights installed
    - The 6061-T6 aluminum chassis offers increased durability with low weight and scale optics.
    - Six new DS34 precision digital servos with metal gears for ailerons, elevators, rudders and flaps.
    - The powerful 70cc BL motor with 500 Kv offers amazing performance in every figure.
    - 100A brushless controller with optocoupler and separate 5V/10A SBEC
    - 17.5 x 7" specially manufactured Somenzini-Ribbe (SR) propeller for excellent grip at all speeds.
    - Float-ready, for easy installation of optional floats.
    - Specially developed rudder horns for optimized linkage geometry and max. rudder deflections
    - All linkage systems are equipped with backlash-free ball heads and guarantee safe and precise control.
    - Rudder and elevator servos mounted in the rear for precise control
    - Holds a large number of different drive batteries and thus offers a range of different power levels (4-6S)
    - Detailed, ready-applied decorative set

    Technical data
    Wing-span (mm): 1925
    Flight weight approx. (g): 4660
    Control: H,S,Q,M,LK
    Length (mm): 1685
    Manufacturer: Flex Innovations
    Fuselage: EPO
    Wings: EPO
    Rec. engine: BL Outrunner eingebaut
    Rec. Battery: 5-6S/4200-6200mAh LiXX
    Version: PNP - PLUG N PLAY
    Flight Skill: Advanced
    Build Skill: Beginners
    Drive Type: Electric

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