Affinity Parallel x4 Charge Lead for Trex150/2S LiPo

Model Heli Services


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  • The Affinity Parallel charge lead allows you to charge up to four 2S LiPo batteries at once via the balance plug.

    The lead includes 4mm Male banana plugs to connect to your charger, and a 2S Male JST-XH balance plug to connect to your chargers balance board.

    Thjat leaves you with four female JST-XH 2S ports which can be used individually, or simltaneously, to charge between 1 and 4 2S LiPos together.

    Perfect for use with the T-Rex 150 and for items such as the Scorpion Backup Guard - and any other 2S LiPo batteries which only have balance lead connections.

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