ARRMA 1/8 INFRACTION 4X4 3S BLX 4WD All-Road Street Bash Resto-Mod Truck RTR, Teal without Battery & Charger



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  • ARRMA 1/8 INFRACTION 4X4 3S BLX 4WD All-Road Street Bash Resto-Mod Truck RTR, Teal without Battery & Charger
  • new features

    • Suitable for more than 104 kmh with optional speed pinion (included) and 3S LiPo battery
    • Available with the signature INFRACTION ® Resto-Mod body finished in two stunning colorways in matte and gloss effects

    Proven features of the 4X4 platform

    • Brushless-capable power transmission with strong differentials with metal gears
    • Roof skids and roll bars for body protection
    • Adjustable rear wing with high downforce
    • Vented dBoots ® Hoons  Elevens all-road tires on tough, metal-colored rims
    • Front and rear anti-roll bars for ultimate all-road handling
    • Integrated large front foam bumper for maximum body protection
    • Powerful Spektrum  Firma  3660 3900Kv brushless motor
    • Large rear diffuser reduces turbulence and drag
    • Threaded oil pressure shock absorbers for easy ride height adjustment
    • Multi-adjustable body mounts
    • Strong composite chassis
    • Steering system with stone clearance
    • Easily accessible drive module
    • Easily accessible diff removal
    • Rubberized bearings throughout
    • ARRMA ® motor heatsink and fan
    • Safe-D sprocket
    • Spektrum  2.4GHz DX3 Smart DSMR® Transmitter and SR6200 AVC® Receiver
    • Spektrum  S651 Metal Gear Digital Steering Servo (7.27 kg-cm / 101 oz-in @ 6V torque)
    • Spektrum  Firma  100A Smart ESC with IC5® Connectors (EC5  Compatible )
    • 2-year limited warranty (see website support for details)

    High-speed street bashing in a resto-mod look

    ARRMA ® designers combined the high speed performance of the Speed ​​Bash VENDETTA  4X4 3S BLX with the resto-mod style of the Street Bash INFRACTION ® to create the INFRACTION ® 4X4 3S BLX All-Road Street Bash Resto-Mod Truck!

    This ready-to-run, 1/8 scale, brushless street bash truck allows any more experienced driver to blast across on-road and off-road at incredible speed. Load a 3S LiPo battery and use the included optional Speed ​​Sprocket to reach 104 kmh or more in optimal conditions - with proven ARRMA ® technology and advanced Spektrum  electronics that offer exceptional durability and control.

    The signature INFRACTION ® Resto-Mod truck body comes in two eye-catching color schemes of matte and gloss effects. Roof skids and roll bars provide additional body protection and a scale look.

    With its four-wheel drive, you can drive the INFRACTION ® 4X4 3S BLX both on the road and over dust, loose gravel and short grass. The proven platform features a strong composite chassis with raised mud guards, oil filled shock absorbers with silicone O-rings, metal gear differentials and more. ARRMA's popular easy-access modular design, with separate, easily removable chassis modules for the powertrain, electronics, and differential components, keeps maintenance simple.

    While you push the speed potential of the installed Spektrum  Firma  brushless motor, the tunable rear wing presses dBoots ® Hoons  Elevens ventilated all-road tires onto the tarmac. Tires are mounted on tough gunmetal gray nylon wheels and provide incredible traction for quick acceleration or lightning-fast stops. A large rear diffuser reduces turbulence and drag.

    The INFRACTION ® 4X4 3S BLX also benefits from the exclusive remote control advantages of the supplied and installed spectrum electronics. The DX3 DSMR ® 2.4GHz remote control , SR6200A receiver and Company  100A ESC work together to deliver the benefits of AVC ® (Active Vehicle Control ® ) and Smart technology right out of the box .

    With the AVC ® system's on-demand traction control, you can turn up extra stability when you need it to take corners better or master jumps without having to let off the gas. You have full throttle freedom on uneven terrain, smooth surfaces and loose dust. If you don't want the extra traction, just turn the stability down. The AVC ® system works behind the scenes, making hundreds of steering and throttle adjustments per second to keep the INFRACTION ® 4X4 3S BLX All-Road Street Bash Resto-Mod Truck exactly on the line you chose.

    Download the optional Spektrum  Dashboard app to your mobile device - available for free on the iPhone App Store and Google Play - to take full advantage of the smart electronics' telemetry capabilities. Once you wirelessly connect your phone to the DX3 transmitter via Bluetooth, you can use it to view real-time top speed, battery voltage and other important data (requires an optional BT2000 Bluetooth module, sold separately).

    Experience the thrill of 1/8 high-speed street bashing with the ARRMA ® INFRACTION ® 4X4 3S BLX All-Road Street Bash Resto-Mod Truck. It comes well equipped, ready-to-run and offers excellent value for money.

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    Under The Hood


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    A strong composite chassis contributes to the unstoppable performance of the 4X4 3S BLX platform; steering with more clearance for rocks; a crown-shaped slipper pad and sliding gear teeth; and rubberized bearings all around. Raised mudguards limit the amount of dirt and debris that can get into the chassis pan. A large front foam bumper integrated into the body provides maximum protection.



    The 1/8 INFRACTION ® 4X4 3S BLX Street Bash Resto-Mod Truck features ARRMA ® 's signature, easy-to-access modular design . Separate, easily removable chassis modules for the drive system, electronics and differential components make routine maintenance quick and easy.



    The ventilated dBoots ® Hoons  Elevens Allroad tires are made of high-quality rubber for durability and offer incredible traction on all surfaces. The tires are glued to sturdy, metal-colored nylon rims.



    The aerodynamically tuned INFRACTION ® 4X4 3S BLX Street Bash Resto-Mod Truck body includes a rugged, high-downforce, injection-molded rear wing. The body is available from the factory in two stunning paint finishes with matte and gloss effects.



    The INFRACTION ® 4X4 3S BLX Street Bash Resto-Mod Truck comes with a Spektrum  DX3 DSMR ® 3-Channel Transmitter and a factory-installed SR6200 Receiver with AVC ® On-Demand Traction Control. These, along with the installed Spektrum  Firma  100A Smart ESC, provide real-time telemetry data on speed, battery voltage and more.



    The oil filled shock absorbers contain silicone O-rings and are threaded for easy ride height adjustment. Combined with the front and rear double wishbone suspension, front and rear anti-roll bars and large rear diffuser, they give the INFRACTION ® 4X4 3S BLX Street Bash Resto-Mod Truck the ultimate in all-road handling.


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    * For details on waterproof standards, please refer to the user manual.

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