Arrma Mega 550 12T Brushed Motor ARAG1005



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    • Arrma Mega 550 12T Brushed Motor ARAG1005
    • Use on ARRMA Granite and Typhon
  • Product details

    This ARRMA MEGA 550 12Z Brushed Motor offers exciting and consistent performance in all conditions. The impressive brushed power helps your ARRMA vehicle to new top speeds, and this at an unbelievable price-performance ratio.

    Equipment details

    The high-quality 12Z 550 brushed motor combines a perfect balance of uniform speed acceleration and a torque curve at low speed - particularly cool ARRMA design for a look that immediately catches the eye and guarantees quick detection of the motor - competent performance with 6-7 NiMh cells - or 2S LiPo batteries, for particularly pronounced flexibility that is tailored to your needs.

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