Arrows Marlin 64mm EDF PNP

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  • Arrows Marlin 64mm EDF PNP
  • Key Features
    • Sleek and durable EPO foam airframe.
    • Screw together assembly.
    • High quality hardware.
    • Ball joint control linkages.
    • Outstanding power-to-weight ratio.
    • Easy-lift latch retained canopy.
    • Suits 4S 14.8V 2200 to 2700mAh 35C LiPo.
    • Eight pre-installed high quality digital servos.
    • 30 minute assembly time.
    • Takes standard 5-channel radio.
    What's in the Box
    • 1x Factory assembled fuselage with decals applied.
    • 1x Factory assembled 1-piece wing with decals applied.
    • 1x Factory assembled 1-piece tailplane with decals applied.
    • 1x Pre-installed 2840 3150KV brushless motor.
    • 1x Pre-installed 40A ESC with XT60 connector.
    • 8x Pre-installed high quality 9g digital servos.
    • 1x Fixed / removable undercarriage and wheel set.
    • 1x Pre-installed 64mm 11-blade fan.
    • 1x Screw and pushrod set.
    • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
    Needed to Complete
    • 1x 5-channel transmitter and receiver combo.
    • 1x 4S 2200 to 2700mAh 35C LiPo with XT60 connector.
    • 1x 4S compatible LiPo balance charger.

    Product Description
    If you’ve always fancied joining the jet set but have struggled to know where best to start, then ponder no more for here, in all its durable EPO-moulded loveliness, is the perfect entry-level jet, and what a cracker it is. We flew it extensively during the testing period and from the moment it confidently left our underarm launch we were smitten. Powerful, precise and arrow-like in flight you’ll find the Marlin inherently stable, beautifully forgiving and truly confidence-inspiring. With an aerobatic envelope to rival the very best that the EDF world can offer this is a jet that’ll look after you when you’re finding your feet and challenge you when you’ve found ‘em. From large sky-eating loops to locked-in knife-edge flight, s-l-o-w full flap passes and everything in-between, you’ll find your Marlin so versatile that it’ll quickly become a Sunday favourite. It looks good, it sounds good, it goes good!

    Assembling the Marlin is simplicity itself and with no glue required you can be airborne within an hour of opening the box. Just add a 4S 2200 to 2700mAh 35C flight pack (RDNBS2700S4C50X6), a 5-channel Tx and Rx combo and go wake the angels.

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