Autoglym Super Resin Polish 1L



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      • Autoglym Super Resin Polish 1L

    • Autoglym Super Resin Polish is a true legend in the world of car care, achieving professional results and providing a beautiful, restored finish to any vehicle. Used to remove minor scuffs and scratches as well as providing a flawless finish, there is no better product on the market that can restore gloss to all types of paintwork with such simplicity.


      A massive hit with professional detailers and keen can be found in garages all over the world, and has been lovingly applied on everything from hyper cars and priceless classics to family cars. It will not only restore gloss to dull surfaces, but is also ideal for removing small scuffs and scratches on new or old paintwork.


      Use every few months as needed to maintain a superb shine.



      Autoglym Super Resin Car Polish is the undefeated, 4 time winner of Detailing World’s Polish of the Year award.  


      How to use this product

      1. Wash and dry the paintwork.
      2. Shake well and pour a small amount onto a polish applicator.
      3. Apply a thin layer to the paintwork in overlapping circles to ensure even coverage. Increase pressure over any marks, scratches or dull patches. Allow to dry. Do not apply to unpainted rubber or plastic trim.
      4. Buff with a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth.
      5. Stand back and admire the shine.



      Q: Does Super Resin Polish contain silicone?
      A: Yes, Super Resin Polish contains silicone.


      Q: Does Super Resin Polish contain wax?
      A: Yes, Super Resin Polish does contain a protective wax. If you would like to extend and prolong that protection, apply High Definition Wax or Extra Gloss Protection afterwards.


      Q: Can I apply Super Resin Polish to unpainted plastic bumpers and trim?
      A: Super Resin Polish is only suitable for painted bodywork. If any residue from Super Resin Polish comes into contact with unpainted surfaces, use Autoglym Fast Glass with a Hi-Tech Microfibre to remove this.  

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