Black Horse Hawker Hurricane II .46 ARTF

Black Horse

€274.99 €299.99

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  • Most Hurricanes of this size are usually semi-scale. The Black Horse Hurricane .46 size is far from semi-scale. Just look at that curving fuselage and cowling plus correctly shaped, flat top wing. Those beautiful exhausts stacks really add to the realism. Everything possible has been reproduced to match
    the real aircraft’s character without spoiling the need for safe, predictable flying characteristics. Using a .46 2-stroke or a .70 4-stroke will be enough to haul this Hurricane around with authority and that Battle of Britain scheme is something to behold. The undercarriage is supplied fixed, but retracts can be fitted if required.

    • Covered with pre-printed heatshrink film
    • Designed for electric retracts (Not included)
    • CNC Oleo Legs included
    • Balsa/Ply construction using advanced CNC techniques
    • Fibreglass cowl

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