BLH4750 Blade 360 CFX BNF Basic



The Blade® 360 CFX helicopter is built for you to fly smack-down 3D manoeuvres yet to be even conceived. Designed around the optimised servo geometry platform, a matched high-voltage power system delivers performance that blurs the line between convenience and unlimited performance with an incredible synergy of precision and power. All combined, the 360 CFX delivers a mini-class heli that gives you the feeling of flying an unlimited 3D heli that’s much larger. Complexity and parts count are low making any maintenance simple. Plus you get Blade heli innovation with Spektrum™ DSMX® control + BeastX™ flybar-less technology that are renowned. It’s an advanced pilot’s grab-n-go dream machine.\nOptimised Servo Geometry\nOptimised servo geometry virtually eliminates mechanical inefficiency by keeping swash-plate links near vertical throughout their range of motion. The result is a flawless cyclic and collective response that feels almost telekinetic.\nPrecision\nAt the core of its awesome performance is the Spektrum™ SPMAR7200BX Flybar-less Control System; a remarkable advance that combines a 7-channel DSMX® receiver with BeastX™ 3-axis MEMS stabilisation into a single, lightweight unit.\n6S LiPo Power\nBecause the Blade 360 CFX is designed with a high-voltage power system, when combined with your 6S LiPo battery, the performance will feel virtually unlimited. It’s a matched system that draws significantly less current than popular 3S systems, yet you feel like there’s always power to spare.\nRigid Carbon Fibre Frame\nThe carbon fibre side frames sandwich aluminium bearing and mounting blocks for a structure that is as durable as it is integral to precision control.\nHigh-Speed, Metal Gear Servos\nThe Spektrum servos for the cyclic and tail control feature robust metal gear movement and digital precision with a response speed to meet the demanding workload of flybar-less mechanics.\nBrushless Out-runner Motor\nThe high-torque out-runner motor installed offers pro-level power and an 1800Kv output for aerobatic performance that doesn’t lag behind.\nFibreglass Canopy\nSimply standing still, the performance potential of the Blade 360 CFX is proven vividly in the brilliant colour and high-gloss finish of the fibreglass canopy.\n\n6+ channel programmable transmitter with Spektrum™ DSM2®/DSMX® technology\nHigh-output 1300mAh 6S 22.2V LiPo battery\nAC and/or DC 6S compatible Li-Po balance charger

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