Charge Cap XT90 Connector (3)



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  • Charge Cap XT90 Connector (3)
  • How many times have you reached the flying field, race track, or pond, picked up a battery and wondered about its charge state? More times than you care to admit, we'll wager. Well, if you don't mind us saying it's about time you got yourself organised – which is where we come in! Costing less than the loose change in your pocket, get yourself a bag or two of these nifty charge caps and never again will you stare blankly at a battery pack whilst scratching your head. Charge your cells, clip a cap to the end of the connector (EC3 and XT60 also available) and the job's a good 'un. Oh, and let's not forget the safety benefit too. With the plug's connector capped off, nothing can cause a short.

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