OMP 74" Edge 540 ARF - Green 1,87m 30cc-40cc



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  • OMP 74" Edge 540 ARF - Green 1,87m
  • ARTF semiscale kit of 3D aerobatic aeroplane (1,880 mm wingspan) for 35-40ccm petrol engine or at least 3,000W brushless motor with 8-12S LiPo. Extremely light, Kevlar®/carbon composite reinforced balsa/plywood airframe, lots of carbon parts.

    A semi scale model of the American aerobatic aeroplane for 30-40ccm petrol engine or 3-4 kW brushless electric motor for experienced pilots capable of the classic pattern as well as extreme 3D style.

    The fuselage is of - now classic - ultra light design featuring balsa and plywood Kevlar®/carbon composite reinforced parts, detachable fibreglass cowl and large fuselage/canopy hatch allowing perfect access to the entire power system and RC gear. The engine or motor is to be fitted to a plywood/composite reinforced box using a radial mount.

    The two-piece all-balsa wing with a symmetrical airfoil uses a carbon tube joiner; the wing halves are secured with screws to the fuselage. The large ailerons are controlled by a single servo each. You can install the supplied SFG winglets to the wing tips.

    The empennage is a light all-balsa work; the horizontal tailplane is a single-piece, glued into the fuselage. The elevator and rudder are controlled by servos installed in the tail part of the fuselage.

    The entire model is covered by the ULTRACOTE® iron-on film (ULTRACOTE® is the trade mark for the ORACOVER® film used in the USA.)

    The main undercarriage features carbon composite legs, fibreglass spats and lightweight wheels; the tail wheel with a carbon bracket is coupled with the rudder.

    You will need a reliable 30-40 ccm petrol engine or at least 3 kW brushless electric motor, at least 100 A ESC and 40C 4,000-5,000 mAh 8-12S LiPo pack.

    You will need at least 6-channel RC set to control your Edge 540 - the precise set-up of servos, optimized dual and exponential rates is the must for aerobatic flying - the pattern as well as extreme 3D.

    You will need 5-6 fast and strong standard size digital servos

    The ARTF kit contents: Oracover® covered fuselage, wing and tailplane, painted fibreglass cowl, carbon undercarriage, tail wheel assembly, wheels, set of accessories and instruction manual.

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