DJI BS65 Intelligent Battery Station



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  • DJI BS65 Intelligent Battery Station
  • The battery charging station is a complete solution for charging, storing and transporting batteries. The new storage mode and flight ready mode increase charging efficiency and extend battery life. The new 360° movement wheels make transport and relocation easier. The battery charging station offers eight TB65 battery ports, four WB37 battery ports, one USB-C maintenance port, one USB-C charging port and one USB-A charging port. It can charge up to two TB65 batteries and one WB37 battery at the same time.

    Multiple charging
    modes Storage mode charges to 50%, which is optimal for long-term storage. In flight ready mode, multiple battery packs are quickly charged to 90% to enable operations to begin at any time while extending battery life.

    Intelligent Management
    When the battery charging station is connected to DJI RC Plus, the DJI Pilot 2 app displays the battery level and function status. In addition, you can set the number of self-discharge days, update the firmware, export logs and access other quick operation steps with a single tap.

    Move effortlessly
    The battery charging station is equipped with 360° wheels for more comfortable transport and position changes.

    1. Do not close the protective cover of the battery charging station while charging.
    2. DO NOT attempt to touch the metal connectors on the battery connectors.

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