Dualsky DP1000 Brushless Smoke Pump


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  • Dualsky DP1000 Brushless Smoke Pump
    • 1 x Festo PK-4 Filter
    • 1 x Check Valve
    • 1 x T-connection
    • 1 x Oil Tube
    • 3 x Mount Screws
    • 2 x Sponge Tape
    DP1000 Dimension Drawing
    Dimensions: L70 x W26 x H36mm
    Weight: 89g
    Nominal Voltage: 7.4V 2S Lipo
    Motor: XM1806PU, Outrunner Brushless
    Drive Module: HM-ESC, Brushless Sensorless
    Signal Format: PWM 1150µs to 1850µs
    Quantity of Flow (QoF): 1000PPM @ 7.4V
    1330PPM @ 8.0V
    Case Material: CNC Machined Aluminium
    Recommended Battery: 25C, 7.4V, 1000mAh LiPo
    DP1000 Connection Diagram
    1. Smoke pump body
    2. Flow control signal wire - Connect to the flow control channel of the receiver, the black line is the ground wire (GND), and the white wire is the signal line.
    3. Power input wire - Connect 5.8V-12V power supply (for example: 2S Lipo battery) No.s 2,3 can also be connected to power distributor, for example: Dualsky Gemini 3018. Eliminate the pump's battery. Plug the flow signal wire No.2 to the flow control channel of power distributor, and the power input wire No.3 to any free port to get power.
    4. Smoke pump mount - Use self-tapping screws to fix the pump body to the internal deck of model. If it's a gasoline engine powered model, the pump must be far away from the engine and the firewall. Apply shock-absorbing double-sided tape to the bottom and fix near the tanks.
    5. Smoke tank - The smoking oil is usually thick, and a separate oil filler should be used.
    6. Oil filter PK-4 - It is installed between the smoke tank and pump inlet.
    7. Oil tube - Corrosion resistant, large flow type (Size 6x4mm).
    8. Oil valve - Optional part (sold separately), traditional safety component.
    9. Self-closing check valve - To prevent the smoke oil from being reflued by the exhaust pressure and avoid the oil leakage due to the higher position of the smoke tank.
    10. High temperature resistant tube - Used to connect high temperature exhaust nozzle of gasoline engine.
    11. TPU three-way - The oil bifurcates before reaching each exhaust of multi-cylinder engine.
    12. Stainless steel outlet pipe - High-temp resistant, for jets. Sold separately.