EFL12350 Eflite V1200 1.2m BNF Basic with Smart, AS3X and SAFE Select



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  • EFL12350 Eflite V1200 1.2m BNF Basic with Smart, AS3X and SAFE Select
  • Fly low, go fast, turn SMART - with the E-flite ® V1200! Larger and even faster than the popular V900  , it is factory-fitted with landing flaps and a retractable landing gear, as well as a powerful brushless drive. You can choose how ballistic you want to be, because with a 4S battery top speeds of over 175+ km / h are possible, with a standard 6S 3,200-7,000mAh battery even over 220 km / h! In addition to the exhilarating speed, the V1200 offers you surprisingly stable slow flight characteristics and precise aerobatics. It is with a 100A Spektrum  Avian  Smart controller and in the BNF®Basic version equipped with an AR637TA receiver, which offers you full-range telemetry. When using a compatible remote control, you have access to real-time data such as battery voltage, current flow, temperature and more!


    • The FASTEST and Smartest Prop-Driven E-flite ® flight model to date
    • An enlarged version of the popular V900, equipped with landing flaps, retractable landing gear and smart technology
    • Speeds of up to 175 + km / h with 4S and 220 + km / h with a 6S LiPo in straight flight
    • Compatible with 4S, 5S and 6S LiPos from 3,200-7,000mAh for different performance possibilities and flight times.
    • Extremely wide flight spectrum from unexpectedly good slow flight characteristics to precise aerobatics and much more
    • Pre-installed high-speed brushless outrunner with APC 10x8E propeller and aluminum spinner
    • 100A Spektrum  Avian  Smart Controller provides real-time telemetry data on speed, battery voltage, temperatures and other data via compatible receivers and remote controls.
    • Spektrum AR637TA receiver with full range, telemetry and market-leading DSMX ® technology (only BNF Basic version)
    • Easy to fly thanks to the innovative and optional SAFE ® Select flight attitude limitation (only BNF Basic version)
    • Unmatched stability thanks to the exclusive AS3X ® technology (only BNF Basic version)
    • Six factory-installed digital metal gear servos with precise ball-head linkages
    • Landing flaps for shorter take-offs and landings as well as improved slow flight characteristics.
    • Reliable electric retractable undercarriage with spring-loaded wire undercarriage for use on different surfaces including grass.
    • No glue required, just six screws. Completion takes less time than the battery needs to charge.
    • Stable and easy to assemble GRP reinforced wing with V2 hands-free servo connector
    • Bolted wing and tail unit allow quick and easy dismantling for transport and storage
    • High-density EPO foam enables a more robust and stiffer cell and is more resistant to pressure points and damage
    • Luminous and high-contrast finish for better visibility and flight attitude detection
    • Large and practical canopy secured with magnets and large battery compartment


    Grab the sticks and fly the fastest prop-powered E-flite ® model we've ever built. With 4S 3200–5000mAh batteries and the factory-installed brushless drive train, the V1200 reaches over 175 km / h in straight flight - and is perfect for advanced pilots, especially when using the optional SAFE ® Select technology of the BNF ® Basic version. who already have experience with high-speed models. Unleash the full potential of over 220km / h in straight flight when using a 6S 3,200-7,000mAh battery! The Spektrum  Avian 100A Smart Regulator gives you the security in real time via its telemetry data that all values ​​of the power supply and the battery are in the green area. This requires the use of a compatible receiver (such as the AR637TA in the BNF ® version) and a remote control equipped with Spektrum AirWare  .

    Speed ​​and aerobatics enthusiasts will love the accuracy of the six digital metal gear servos and ball head linkages. Landing flaps improve slow flight characteristics and enable shorter take-offs and landings. The electric retractable landing gear with spring-loaded wire legs enables take-offs and landings from tar, unpaved runways and short grass. The slim cell is reinforced throughout with GRP parts and the new EPO with higher density makes the V1200 a more robust and resistant model with a smoother surface. A high-contrast color scheme with strong contrasts ensures better visibility and simplifies flight attitude detection. No glue is required for assembly, A total of only six screws are required to assemble the tail unit and the one-piece wing. The latter can be easily dismantled for easy transport and storage. The assembly of the V1200 thus takes less time than it takes to charge the battery, so that you can quickly enjoy the incomparable flight experience of this model.

    Flying FAST and Smart is easy and the V1200 will make you look like a pro!

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    SMART technology 
    SMART technology

    The exclusive Spektrum  Avian  Smart Controller enables a range of drive-related real-time data such as engine speed, current flow, battery voltage and more to be transmitted in flight using a compatible receiver (such as the AR637T) and remote controls that can be controlled via the Spektrum AirWare  (such as the DX6e and 8e, DX6 and 8 G2, the DX9, iX12, iX20 and others).


    Bind-N-Fly Basic completion level 
    Bind-N-Fly ® Basic completion level

    Do you already have a Spektrum  remote control? Bind-N-Fly (BNF) models allow you to get into the air faster than ever before. They are delivered with a pre-installed drive train, servos and a Spektrum 2.4 GHz receiver. All you have to do is connect the receiver to your compatible remote control, complete the final assembly steps and you can take off immediately!


    Exclusive technologies

    The V1200 is equipped with a Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSMX ® receiver with AS3X ® technology and SAFE ® (Artificial Stabilization - 3-aXis). AS3X works behind the scenes to compensate for the effects of wind and turbulence, giving you a flight feeling of stability and precision, as if you were flying a much larger, perfectly tuned aircraft. Optionally, you can activate the SAFE ® Select attitude stabilization technology. This flight attitude limitation around the transverse and longitudinal axis as well as the automatic alignment can be switched on and off at the push of a button. If you don't want to use SAFE Select, simply change the binding process as indicated in the manual.


    Versatile brushless power 
    Versatile brushless power

    The V1200 is factory-fitted with a high-performance brushless drive, which gives you the choice of how fast you want to fly. Achieve speeds of over 175km / h with a 4S LiPo with the enclosed APC 10x8E propeller and aluminum spinner. Or go all out with a 6S LiPo without further modifications and reach speeds of over 220 km / h in straight flight!


    Strength and precision 
    Strength and precision

    Speed ​​is nothing without the right balance of performance and precise control. The V1200's impressive and slim airframe is molded from a special higher density EPO, resulting in a stronger and stiffer airframe with a smoother, less pressure-sensitive surface. GRP and CFRP reinforcements in the wing, fuselage and tail unit give the airframe additional rigidity. In addition, the digital metal gear servos offer the precise control and reliability you need to enjoy the breathtaking speed on every flight.


    Functional features 
    Functional features

    Landing flaps offer better slow flight characteristics and enable shorter take-off and landing distances at lower speeds. A reliable retractable landing gear with spring-loaded wire legs allows take-offs and landings on a variety of surfaces such as tar, dirt roads or grass.


    Easy installation 
    Easy installation

    No glue is required for assembly and the V1200 takes less time to assemble than it takes to charge the battery. Only six screws are required to assemble the one-piece wing and tail unit, and everything can be easily disassembled for easy transport and storage.

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