Eflite HAVOC Xe 80mm EDF Sport Jet BNF AS3X & SAFE Select



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    • Eflie HAVOC Xe 80mm EDF Sport Jet BNF AS3X & SAFE Select
  • introduction

    The Elite Aerosports Havoc range of turbine-powered RC Jets has redefined the ultimate sport jet experience. The incredibly wide flight range, from ultra slow overflights to fast aerobatics with extreme G maneuvers, makes them the sport jets that almost everyone dreams of owning and flying. The E-Flite® Havoc Xe 80mm EDF makes this dream come true by offering the same incredible flying experience in an officially licensed and downsized version of the Havoc X. The jet is one of the most powerful and best-flying electric impeller sports jets ever to hit the market.


    • An officially licensed miniature version of the ultimate sports jet - the Elite Aerosports Havoc X.
    • One of the most powerful and high-performance impeller jets ever
    • An excellent choice for a first larger impeller model as it is easy to take off, fly and land
    • Extremely wide flight spectrum and speed range with top speeds over 220km / h
    • Immense roll rate when using the flaps as additional ailerons via mixing function
    • Factory fitted high performance 6S capable brushless internal rotor and 100A regulator
    • 80mm 12-blade impeller for breathtaking top speed and almost unlimited vertical climb performance
    • Perfectly designed and optimized airflow for unbelievable efficiency without the need for additional air holes ("cheater holes")
    • Compatible with a wide range of 6S 4,000-8,000mAh flight batteries for up to an incredible 10-12 minute flight time
    • Factory pre-assembled metal gears Servos with ball joint and hinges on all control surfaces
    • Spektrum ™ AR636 6-channel receiver with leading 2.4GHz DSMX® technology
    • Easy to fly thanks to the innovative and optional SAFE® Select technology
    • Incomparable stability through the exclusive AS3X® technology
    • Reliable electric retractable landing gear with damped and towed legs for safe operation on grass and other slopes
    • Bolted airfoil and tail unit for easy assembly / disassembly and convenient storage and transport
    • Strong and easy to install / remove wing with "hands-free" connection system
    • Robust yet lightweight foamed EPO cell with factory-applied eye-catching and highly visible finish
    • Adhesive-free final assembly takes less time than charging the flight battery
    • Extra large and practical canopy with an extremely large battery compartment
    • Plastic protection on nose and ventral fin for extra protection and durability
    • 6-7 + Channel Spektrum ™ DSMX® / DSM2® Full Range Compatible
    • 6S 22.2V 4000-8000mAh 30 + C LiPo with EC5 ™ or IC5 ™ connection
    • Matching LiPo charger
    • (1) E-flite Havoc Xe 80mm EDF with:
      • (1) 100A brushless controller (pre-installed)
      • (1) Brushless inner rotor (pre-installed)
      • (8) Metal Gear Servos (pre-installed)
      • (1) Spektrum ™ AR636 6-channel receiver (pre-installed)
    • (1) Product Manual


    The E-flite Havox Xe 80mm EDF has an astonishingly wide flight spectrum and with its incredible performance and aerobatic capability is the perfect choice for advanced pilots as well as for jet-beginners. Inside, a 6S compatible brushless inner rotor is working with a 100A regulator which together drive a 12-blade impeller. This drive in combination with the sophisticated and optimized air duct, which does without the so-called "cheater holes", provides an abundance of speed and thrust and that with real turbine sound. The jet manages speeds of over 220km / h and almost unlimited climbing performance. With the usable flight batteries from 4,000mAh to 8,000mAh, with an appropriate gas management, flight times of an incredible 10-12 minutes can be reached.

    The reliable electric, sprung and towed bow and main retractable landing gear allow takeoffs and landings on grass and other surfaces. The large flaps move in both directions and can be mixed (at 7+ channel transmitter / receiver) to allow aileron function over the entire end bar, and thus the fastest roll rate ever seen on a jet. The eight metal gearbox servos are factory-installed and feature ball-head linkages for extremely precise control. The foamed EPO cell is light and robust and no glue is needed for the assembly. The factory pre-assembled one-piece wing, the one-piece tail and the fuselage are connected with nine screws and mounted in no time.

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    From dream to reality

    The Elite Aerosports Havoc range turbine-powered RC Jets has redefined the ultimate sport-jet experience in recent years and is one of the most popular models flown on jet events and competitions worldwide. The incredibly wide flight range, from ultra-slow overflights to high-speed aerobatic flying with extreme G maneuvers, makes them the sport jets that almost everyone dreams of owning and flying. The E-Flite® Havoc Xe 80mm EDF makes this dream come true by offering the same incredible flying experience in an officially licensed and downsized version of the Havoc X. This makes it the perfect choice for both advanced pilots and jet-skiers because it is easy to take off, fly and land.


    High-performance model

    The 12-blade 80mm impeller, the high-revving brushless inner rotor and the 100A regulator deliver almost unlimited climbing performance with a 6S flight battery. The perfectly engineered and optimized airflow eliminates the need for additional cheater holes and incredible speeds of over 220km / h. The efficient powertrain and optimized aerodynamics combined with 4,000-5,000mAh flight batteries deliver high performance and unusually long flight times compared to other models in this class. The extremely large battery compartment also accepts large flight batteries with 7,000-8,000mAh which provide with appropriate gas management impressive and incomparable flight times of up to 10-12 + minutes, even with loops from the horizontal flight or aerobatic maneuvers with half throttle.


    Matched suspension

    Sprung and towed chassis legs on the bow and main undercarriage perfectly absorb impact on uneven surfaces such as grass, allowing it to fly on a variety of slopes. The reliable electric pull-in mechanisms are equipped with sturdy metal parts and the steerable nose wheel in conjunction with the wide main landing gear provides an excellent rolling behavior.


    Incomparable performance spectrum

    The unique design of the Havoc offers incomparable handling in a wide range of speed and flight. The jet provides stable high-speed flight for safe deep overflights and aerobatic maneuvers such as large loops, multi-point rolls, virtually unlimited knife flying and much more. But he also has quiet and stable slow-flying characteristics and lands slower than you would expect.


    Stable precision

    The composite reinforced EPO cell is lightweight but very durable and comes with a strikingly visible design from the factory. The metal gear servos are already factory-installed and equipped with ball end linkages for direct and backlash-free linkages.


    Fast and easy installation

    No glue is needed for the assembly and you can finish the Havoc Xe ready to fly faster than it takes to charge the battery. The one-piece wing with the innovative "hands-free" connection system, the one-piece tail and the fuselage are mounted with only nine screws.

    SAFE technology

    Do you already have a Spektrum ™ transmitter? The Bind-N-Fly (BNF) version makes it faster and easier than ever to get your model with the best remote control experience in the air. The models are already pre-assembled with drive, servos and Spektrum ™ 2.4GHz receiver and all you have to do is bind the receiver to your compatible transmitter, mount the model and fly!

    The Bind-N-Fly Basic model features a Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX receiver with AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization over Three Axes) technology that works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects of wind and turbulence, giving you that feeling a lot larger and perfectly adjusted model to fly.

    If this is your first model of this type, or if you appreciate the extra safety while getting used to your new model, simply activate the optional SAFE® Select Flight Guard, which is already built into the receiver.

    The activated SAFE Select offers you:

    Roll and Nick limitation

    • This limitation prevents the model from turning on its back in a roll or pitching motion. It also prevents excessive climb or descent.

    Automatic alignment

    • The model automatically returns to horizontal flight position when the joysticks are released and in the central position. Also helps to keep the surfaces level during takeoffs and landings.

    Simple switch assignment

    • The simple assignment of the SAFE Select features to a switch on the transmitter requires no special programming and is done in a few seconds.

    If you do not want to use the SAFE Select features, then it is sufficient to bind the receiver normally and it works like any normal AS3X receiver.