Eflite Viper 90mm EDF Jet BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE Select, 1400mm



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  • Eflite Viper 90mm EDF Jet BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE Select, 1400mm EFL17750
  • Product details

    As an enlarged version of the popular 70mm jet and equipped with smart electronics, the E-flite ® Viper 90mm EDF Jet offers fantastic handling with incredible speed and power. This makes it the perfect choice for jet pilots with little flight experience and for jet professionals alike.
    Key features
    • • Prototypical jet model with extremely good-natured handling and incredible aerobatic characteristics
    • • Extremely wide flight spectrum and speed range, up to 190 + km / h
    • • The 12 blade impeller offers excellent top speed and climb performance with a turbine-like sound
    • • Factory installed 6S compatible 3670-1950Kv high performance brushless inrunner and 130A Avian ESC
    • • Spektrum ™ AR637TA receiver with full-range telemetry and industry-leading DSMX® technology
    In the box
    • (1) E-flite® Viper 90mm EDF
    • (1) Spektrum ™ Avian ™ 130A Brushless Smart Controller (pre-installed)
    • (1) Brushless inrunner (pre-installed)
    • (1) 90mm impeller unit (pre-installed)
    • (8) Digital metal gear servos (pre-installed)
    • (1) Spektrum AR637TA 6-channel receiver (pre-installed)
    • (1) Operating instructions
    Needed to Complete
    • Compatible Spektrum ™ full-range 6–7 + channel DSMX® / DSM2® transmitter
    • 6S 22.2V 4000–7000 + mAh 30 + C LiPo with EC5 ™ or IC5® connection
    • Compatible LiPo charger

    The look and performance of a fighter jet and the stability of a sports low-wing aircraft, the original Viper was designed so that a wide range of pilots can enjoy jet flying. The E-flite ® Viper 90mm follows this line and regardless of whether you are already a jet professional or whether it is your first big jet, the model offers you the same wide range of uses and services as the original. For this model we have enlarged the popular Viper 70mm EDF and thus the first jet with a 90mm impeller and the largest jet model from E-flite ® to datedeveloped! This larger version offers the same excellent speed, climb performance and aerobatic properties while still being easy to take off, fly and land - especially when using the exclusive AS3X ® and optional SAFE ® Select Select technology from BNF ® Basic version is equipped. The E-flite ® Viper 90mm EDF is the perfect choice for jet pilots with little flight experience and experienced jet pilots alike!


    • The smartest, most powerful, and easiest-to-fly Larger Impeller (EDF) model of the Viper Jet on the market
    • Prototypical jet model with extremely good-natured handling and unbelievable aerobatic characteristics
    • The best choice for a first-time fan jet because it is easy to take off, land and fly.
    • Extremely wide flight spectrum and speed range, up to 190 + km / h
    • Reliable electric retractable undercarriage with damped and towed spring struts for rolling on grass and other surfaces
    • Highly developed air duct for maximum performance without "cheater holes" in the fuselage
    • The 12 blade impeller offers excellent top speed and climbing performance with a turbine-like sound (only BNF ® Basic version)
    • Factory installed 6S compatible 3670-1950Kv brushless high performance inrunner and 130A Avian ESC (BNF ® Basic Version only )
    • The 130A Spektrum Avian  Smart controller delivers telemetry data such as battery voltage, engine speed in real time and offers a thrust reversal with compatible receivers and transmitters (only BNF ® Basic version)
    • Compatible with a variety of 6S batteries from 4000-7000mAh or two 6S packs between 3200 and 5000mAh in parallel for (or in series in the ARF Plus version) top performance and incredible flight times
    • Spektrum  AR637TA receiver with full-range telemetry and industry-leading DSMX ® technology
    • Easy to fly thanks to the innovative and optional SAFE ® Select flight attitude limitation
    • The incomparable stability of the exclusive AS3X ® technology (only BNF ® Basic version)
    • Eight factory-installed digital metal gear servos with ball-head linkages and rudders attached with hinges
    • Removable winglets and plastic-reinforced nose and inlets for extra durability
    • No glue required and ready to fly faster than it takes to charge the battery.
    • Two-part wing with practical V2 "hands-free" connector for easy transport and storage
    • Large and practical fuselage lid with crystal-clear canopy, detailed cockpit and pilot figure
    • Extremely durable and foamed cell made of EPO with plastic reinforcements
    • Unique and highly visible color scheme from Aircraft Studio Design


    The E-flite ®Viper 90mm EDF is the smartest and easiest to fly large model of this popular model on the market. The jet is not only prototypical, it also has excellent flight characteristics and the handling of a sports aircraft. But if you really want to get down to business, then it offers you incredible aerobatic characteristics and a breathtaking top speed! But what really sets it apart are the good-natured take-off, flight and landing characteristics and these make it the best choice for a first big jet. The assembly is done quickly, easily and without glue and the lightweight, plastic-reinforced EPO cell is kept in the now iconic "Aircraft Studio Design" trim scheme of the popular 70 mm model. Eight factory-installed digital metal gear servos with backlash-free ball head linkages and hinges on all control surfaces ensure crisp and precise control at any speed. The functional features include landing flaps, LED landing and navigation lights as well as an electric retractable landing gear with damped, trailing struts on the nose and main landing gear. This makes it easy to fly the model off grass and other surfaces.

    The BNF ® Basic version includes a 12-blade 90mm impeller, a powerful 6S-compatible brushless inrunner and a 130A Avian  Smart ESC. These coordinated components deliver excellent performance in connection with the optimized air flow and offer you speed and thrust in abundance as well as a turbine-like sound. With this drive, the Viper 90mm is able to reach speeds of up to 190 + kmh and offers a sensational climb performance with 6S 4000mAh to 7000mAh batteries. In addition, it comes with a factory pre-installed Spektrum  AR637TA receiver with exclusive AS3X ® and optional SAFE ®Select technology. When using compatible transmitters, the receiver and smart controller deliver the battery voltage, current flow, engine speed and other telemetry data to the transmitter in real time. The optional thrust reverser shortens the roll-out when landing and enables special maneuvers on the ground. An ARF Plus version is also available for pilots who want to install their own impeller, motor and controller. Whether you are a pilot with little flying experience or an absolute jet professional, this EDF jet will give you an experience like no other!

    Video overview


    Exclusive technologies

    This Viper model is equipped with a Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSMX ® receiver with AS3X ® (Artificial Stabilization - 3-aXis) and SAFE ® Select technologies. AS3X works behind the scenes to offset the effects of wind and turbulence, and to give you a feeling of stability and precision in flight, as if you were flying a much larger, perfectly tuned aircraft. The optional Safe ®Select offers you additional safety with a flight attitude limitation and automatic return to normal flight position at the push of a button, making this model the easiest Viper of all time to fly. If you do not want to activate any SAFE Select features, then it is sufficient to bind the receiver normally and it works like a normal AS3X receiver.


    Smart technology 
    Smart  technology

    The exclusive Spektrum  Avian  Smart Controller provides you with a variety of important information in real time via telemetry. This includes data such as engine speed, current flow, battery voltage and more when using a compatible receiver such as the AR637TA (installed in the BNF ® Basic version) and a remote control with Spektrum AirWare (e.g. DX6e and 8e, DX6 G2 / 3 and 8 G2, the DX9, iX12, iX20 and others). When using Spektrum Smart batteries, you can even see the voltage of the individual cells, the temperature of the battery pack and other data. In addition, the controller offers an optional thrust reverser for better handling on the ground and to shorten the run-out after landing. (7+ channels are required to use this function). Optionally, you can install a Spektrum GPS telemetry sensor (SPMA95871; available separately) to receive further data such as speed, altitude, distance from the starting position and other data in real time.


    High performance impeller 
    High performance impeller

    The 90mm 12-blade impeller, high-performance brushless inrunner and 130A controller, in conjunction with your 6S 4000-7000mAh 30 + C LiPo battery, deliver great climbing performance and a fantastic speed range with almost immediate response to throttle commands. There is even enough space in the fuselage for two 6S 5000mAh packs so that you can operate them in parallel to achieve exceptional flight times and performance for a jet of this class.


    Functional features 
    Functional features

    Factory-installed LED navigation and landing lights, nose landing gear door and landing flaps are functional features that take your jet feeling to a new level.


    Stable chassis 
    Stable chassis

    The dampened and towed nose and main landing gear literally soaks up bumps on the runway and allows you to take off and land from a variety of surfaces. The reliable electric retractable landing gear mechanisms are equipped with durable metal components. The steerable nose wheel, in conjunction with the wide main landing gear, offers excellent rolling properties.


    Infinite possibilities 
    Infinite possibilities

    The Viper design offers incredible handling over a wide range of speeds and flights. From the "slower-than-expected" landings and slow fly-bys to high-speed flyovers of up to 190 + km / h, the combination of airframe and propulsion system delivers incomparable performance and aerobatic characteristics. Huge loops, endless knife flights, broken rolls, spins and other maneuvers are all possible without any problems with this exceptional jet.


    Sustainably precise 
    Sustainably precise

    The plastic-reinforced EPO cell is light yet robust. Eight factory-installed digital metal gear servos with backlash-free ball head linkages and hinged rudders deliver crisp reactions and precise control at all speeds even after many flights.


    Easy assembly 
    Easy assembly

    No glue is required for assembly and the Viper is ready to fly on the workbench faster than it takes to charge the battery. The tailplane as well as the two-part wing with "hands-free" plug connection are screwed on and can be easily removed for transport and storage. The Viper is also painted in the exclusive and highly visible color scheme of Aircraft Studio Design at the factory.


    Product properties

    Approximate assembly time Less than 1 hour
    Battery Sold Separately
    Charger Sold Separately
    Completion level Bind-N-Fly Basic
    Fan size 90mm EDF

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