Eflite F-14 Tomcat Twin 40mm EDF BNF Basic. EFL01450



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  • Eflite F-14 Tomcat Twin 40mm EDF BNF Basic. EFL01450

    With the E- flite®F-14 Tomcat Twin 40mm EDF allows more pilots to fly a replica of the legendary fighter than ever before! Developed for the US Navy, the Grumman F-14 Tomcat first deployed aboard the USS Enterprise in 1974, replacing the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. This E-flite model is based on the F-14D Super Tomcat variant and the factory applied one Livery pays homage to Strike Fighter Squadron 2 (VFA-2), also known as the famous "Bounty Hunters". During its 2002-2003 deployment - the last aircraft carrier tour with the Tomcat - VF-2 participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom, flying reconnaissance, close air support, CAP and attack missions. The F-14 Tomcat Twin 40mm EDF replicates the VF-2 fighter down to the functional pivoting wings and pendulum tailplanes, to offer an authentic and unique flight experience. The F-14 is sized to fly in a variety of flight environments and is compatible with popular 4S 2200mAh LiPos. In addition, it comes with the exclusive AS3X® and optional SAFE ® Select technologies that make flying easier than any other TOPGUN Tomcat Ducted Fan model!


    • Scale replica of one of the most iconic and well-known fighter aircraft ever flown by the US Navy
    • The cheapest, most practical and best flying F-14 Tomcat Ducted Fan Jet model
    • Functional 3-position pivoting wings and pendulum tail for an authentic and unique flight experience
    • Dual 40mm ducted fans and high-revving outrunners, compatible with popular 4S 2200mAh 30+C batteries
    • Real-time battery voltage, current, RPM and other telemetry data via compatible transmitters
    • Spektrum  receiver with fly-by telemetry and industry-leading 2.4 GHz DSMX ® technology
    • Easier to fly thanks to the innovative and optional SAFE ® Select flight limiter
    • The unmatched stability and control feel of exclusive AS3X ® technology
    • Factory installed servos for taileron and swing wing control
    • Take off and land on smooth surfaces with the included landing gear including steerable nose wheel
    • Landing gear removable for hand launch and landings on grass and other suitable surfaces.
    • Completely pre-assembled at the factory and ready to use almost immediately
    • Factory applied VF-2 "Bounty Hunters" Squadron livery
    • Durable fully molded EPO cell


    Many RC pilots have always dreamed of one day flying an F-14 - and the E-flite ® F-14 Tomcat Twin 40mm EDF makes that dream come true! It comes fully assembled and ready to use almost immediately, including a factory-installed receiver with exclusive Spektrum  AS3X ® and optional SAFE ® Select technology. The model therefore only needs to be bound to your 6+ channel DSMX ® /DSM2 ® transmitter. Is your transmitter using the Spektrum AirWare equipped, you will also receive real-time telemetry data such as battery voltage, current, engine speed and more. The twin 40mm ducted fans and brushless outrunners are compatible with the affordable and popular 4S 2200mAh 30+C batteries, delivering an excellent mix of performance and flight time. Pendulum rudders and functional 3-position pivoting wings provide an unparalleled flying experience that you can't get anywhere else. The foamed EPO airframe is durable, lightweight and already factory painted in the legendary US Navy VF-2 "Bounty Hunters" squadron scheme. Fixed landing gear with a steerable nose wheel allows for taxiing, takeoff and landing on smooth surfaces. You can also remove the landing gear for more speed and climb performance, if you launch the model manually and land on grass. With the F-14 Tomcat Twin 40mm EDF, you're closer than ever to being a true contender for the TOPGUN trophy!

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    Bind-N-Fly<sup>®</sup> Benefits 
    Bind-N-Fly ® Benefits

    Already own a Spektrum  transmitter? Bind-N-Fly (BNF) models allow you to get airborne faster than ever before. They come with the drive system, servos and a spectrum 2.4GHz receiver fully installed. All you have to do is bind the receiver to a compatible transmitter, complete the final assembly and fly!


    Exclusive technologies 
    Exclusive technologies

    This is the first F-14 Tomcat model to feature exclusive Spektrum  AS3X ® technology and SAFE ® technology. AS3X works behind the scenes to offset the effects of wind and turbulence, giving you a feeling of stability and precision in flight, as if you were flying a much larger, perfectly tuned aircraft. SAFE Select can be switched on as an option and offers lateral and longitudinal axis restrictions as well as automatic return to level flight attitude, which can be switched on and off at the push of a button, making the model an easier to fly Tomcat.


    Telemetry enabled 
    Telemetry enabled

    The F-14 Tomcat Twin 40mm EDF is equipped with a receiver and dual ESC control unit that transmits a wide range of telemetry data such as engine RPM, current, battery voltage and more to compatible Spektrum AirWare ™ equipped transmitters (including DX6e and 8e , DX6 G2/G3 and 8 G2, DX9, NX6, 8 and 10, iX12, iX20 and others) in real time and in flight.


    High performance impeller 
    High performance impeller

    The factory-installed brushless drives feature 40mm fans with high-revving external rotor motors. This dual fan setup is designed to deliver excellent performance with popular 4S 2200mAh 30+C batteries.


    Functional features 
    Functional features

    The pendulum tailplanes offer crisp and precise Taileron control and together with the functional 3-position pivoting wings offer an authentic and unique F-14 flight experience.


    Optional landing gear 
    Optional landing gear

    You can use the included fixed landing gear with steerable nose wheel for taxiing, takeoff and landing on smooth surfaces. Or you can just skip it, hand launch the model, land it on grass and enjoy the extra speed and climb rate.


    Durable design 
    Durable design

    Fully molded EPO construction allows intricate details and shapes to be depicted in a lightweight yet durable model. The result is a superb scale appearance that is easy to maintain and offers the best possible flying experience.


    Unique paintwork 
    Unique paintwork

    Factory applied paintwork and decals pay homage to the US Navy's VF-2 "Bounty Hunters" squadron, making the model an eye-catcher on any airfield.


    Completely pre-assembled 
    Completely pre-assembled

    The F-14 Tomcat Twin 40mm EDF arrives 100% factory assembled and ready to go almost immediately! Featuring industry-leading Spektrum  2.4 GHz technology, it binds directly to your 6+ channel DSMX ® /DSM2 ® computer transmitter and is ready to fly in minutes out of the box.


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