Etronix Power Analyzer 2



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  • Etronix Power Analyzer 2
  • The Power Analyzer 2 is supplied with pre-tinned wires, so simply fit the connectors of your choice prior to use. A simple, cost-effective tool that allows accurate and repeatable measurements of:

    • Current draw (A)
    • Power (W)
    • Battery voltage – both individual cell and overall pack (V)
    • Energy Consumption (Wh)
    • Temperature (°C)

    In addition the Power Analyzer 2 also features an integrated cell balancer function, allowing you to keep your packs in optimum condition at all times!

    Spec Check:

    • Input Voltage – Minimum 6.6v, Max-imum 60v (Watt meter and battery checker)
    • Maximum Current – 100A (Watt Meter)
    • Current Consumption – 20mA
    • Dimensions – 105mm x 57mm x 20mm
    • Weight – 80g

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