Futaba 10J 10-channel Air Radio with R3008SB Rx Mode 2



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  • Futaba 10J 10-channel Air Radio with R3008SB Rx Mode 2
  • Fully equipped 10-channel hand-held transmitter with integrated telemetry function, in 2.4 GHz T-FHSS® frequency hopping technology. The ideal system for advanced pilots to control airplanes, helicopters and multicopter models who value a precise steering feel. The T10J with its extremely extensive functions enables even demanding applications and leaves almost nothing to be desired in terms of programmability. The ergonomically thought-out transmitter housing with the well-known Futaba workmanship quality lies comfortably in the hand and is characterised by operating elements arranged within easy reach. The graphical user interface, with the familiar simple Futaba menu structure, ensures easy operation - the menu navigation can be selected in 7 languages. The intuitive 3D hotkey system allows quick and easy navigation in the menu structure and easy setting of all parameters.

    • T-FHSS® 2.4 GHz Technology
    • not FASST/FASSTEST compatible!
    • High noise immunity due to fast frequency hopping modulation (100 x per second.)
    • Future-proof (already complies with the new EU standard of 2015)
    • Integrated 32-channel high range telemetry system
    • Real-time telemetry display with large display
    • Voice output via optional headphones with 3.5 mm jack plug
    • Melody and sound output (either via internal beeper or optional headphones)
    • vibration alarm
    • 65 x 34 mm illuminated display (128 x 64 dot)
    • S-BUS technology for fully digital integration of S.BUS servos, S.BUS controllers and S.BUS sensors
    • S.BUS support ideal for helicopters with S.BUS flybarless systems
    • Integrated patch antenna ensures optimum antenna radiation at all times
    • Fully equipped 10-channel transmitter with 19 operating elements
    • Precise, backlash-free joystick with open stick mechanism
    • The joystick mechanism for universal mode (Mode 1 and 2) can be changed by the user.

    • 10 (8+2) channels
    • Switching from T-FHSS (10 channels) to S-FHSS (8 channels) modulation.
    • T-FHSS® Frequency Hopping Technology with Integrated Telemetry
    • A wide channel spacing results in high interference immunity and ultra-fast response times for a precise, direct control feel.
    • FEC technology, the T-FHSS® receivers permanently scan the input signal and apply an intelligent error correction procedure.
    • 100mW Transmitting power
    • No loss of reaction speed even with a heavily occupied frequency band
    • Real-time response - real-time control
    • Excellent range
    • Ultra-fast, direct, end-to-end digital modulation for shortest response times
    • Easy Link - extremely simple, fast binding procedure between transmitter and receiver
    • Fast and safe automatic re-binding even under difficult conditions
    • Intelligent servo timing for uniform servo control and prevention of servo running time differences
    • Dual Antenna Diversity - lightning fast switching between two receiving antennas for optimal signal quality (depending on receiver)
    • Integrated range test function for checking the range prior to startup

    • Synchronized, bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver with high telemetry data rate (up to 9 times per second)
    • 32 telemetry channels
    • High telemetry range
    • Real-time display of telemetry data on integrated display
    • Voice output via optional headphones with 3.5 mm jack plug
    • Melody and sound output (either via internal beeper or optional headphones)
    • vibration alarm
    • Receiver undervoltage warning system for monitoring the receiver battery
    • Freely configurable output of telemetry data via display, sound, speech and vibration.
    • Compatible with all Futaba telemetry sensors Ergonomics
    • Precision joystick for accurate and sensitive control
    • The "Open-Stick" mechanism of the joysticks is specially mounted and almost backlash-free.
    • 65 x 34 mm illuminated display (128 x 64 dot's) with high contrast for best readability even in strong sunlight
    • Graphical user interface and intuitive 3-D hotkey for easy operation of all functions 7 languages to choose from: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese or Dutch
    • Uniform, intuitive Futaba user interface for easy changeover
    • Operating elements largely freely assignable
    • Fully equipped with 19 operating elements
    • Mode 1-4 switchable Teacher/student function
    • optionally with optional cable or wireless via radio module or S.BUS receiver
    • with single function switching (teacher can release individual functions to the student) and mix mode (teacher can override all functions)

    S.BUS technology:
    • Digital BUS technology for model sports
    • Pioneering serial control bus
    • Fully digital integration of S-BUS components such as S.BUS servos, S.BUS controllers and S.BUS sensors
    • The 8-channel T-FHSS Em

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