Futaba 6K 8-channel Air Radio with R3008SB Rx Mode 2



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  • Futaba 6K 8-channel Air Radio with R3008SB Rx Mode 2
  • The Futaba T6K-V3S is an inexpensive entry into the class of 8-channel computer transmitters. Thanks to the clear display and the logically structured software, the T6K-V3S can be operated intuitively. Navigation through the software is by means of a JOG key in conjunction with 3 buttons. The T6K-V3S also has an S.BUS and headphone connection as well as a trainer/DSC socket. The transmitter antenna integrated in the housing and the practical carrying handle make it easy to handle the transmitter.

    What is new about the V3S version? The T6K-V3S has an additional aileron mixer for glider models without motor, which acts on channels 1 and 3. For glider models, 4 flight conditions can be programmed. The trim mixer now also includes the rudder. Two independent stopwatches / timers are available. The top right toggle switch is now a 3-position switch. In the helicopter menu many governor functions can be set directly from the transmitter.
    Note: The model data from the T6K-V3S can NOT be transferred to older T6K transmitters with older software. However, model data from older T6K transmitters can be copied to the T6K-V3S.
    Maxi performance at a mini price...! With the Futaba T6K-V3S you get an inexpensive radio control system with cutting-edge features.
    Technical data
    • Transmission type: T-FHSS / S-FHSS
    • Frequency range: 2.4 GHz
    • Channels: 8
    • Transmitting power: 100 mW EIRP
    • Voltage range: 6.0 V (4x 1.5V Mignon battery)
    • Control stick arrangement: Mode 1

    - Inexpensive 8-channel computer remote control system - Excellent for beginners & recreational pilots.
    - Safe and fast transmission with T-FHSS / S-FHSS - Receiver R3008SB with antennas Diversity Telemetry function Telemetry voice output via headphones S.BUS connection Vibration alarm Conversion option for Mode 1/2 30 model memories Memory for model name & user 3 flight states (heli) 4 flight states (glider) S. Bus Data Editor (sensors / servos) Servo Monitor Powered aircraft: 3 wing types, 2 tail types Mixer for cross differentiation, SnapRoll, Gyro Mix, Butterfly (gliders) Heli Menu with 6 swashplate types Pitch & Throttle with 5 point curve Swash Mix & Throttle Mix Swash AFR & Swash Ring Glider Menu: 4 wing types, 2 tail types Multicopter Menu: Centre Alarm, Gyro Sense, Throttle Curve, Throttle Speed

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