Futaba GYA460 Gyro - 6-Axis Flight Control (Aero)


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  • The new Futaba GYA460 is a 6 axis aircraft gyro which includes automatic flight attitude control and stabilisation. As well as having 3 independent gyros the GYA460 also features 3 acceleration sensors for attitude correction. With the GYA460 in operation the aircraft will maintain a stable attitude, whatever the wind conditions, enabling the pilot to enjoy flying the model instead of fighting the conditions.

    In beginner mode the maximum roll, pitch or yaw angle is limited to about 80°, and in the event of loss of control, the pilot can simply release the transmitter stick and the model will automatically recover into level flight. When the unit is in gyro mode, this recovery feature is disabled, allowing the model to carry out the full range of aerobatic manoeuvres, whilst gaining the stability and smoothness the 3 gyros bring

    With the gyro switch off model relies entirely on the skill of the pilot.

    The GYA460 is suitable for models with 2 aileron servos as well as Deltas or other models with elevons.

    • 6-axis Flight Stabilisation
    • HV compatible
    • S-Bus or PWM connection options
    • 3 Flight modes
    • Beginner mode with emergency function
    • Elevon compatible

    Connection lead PWM
    Mounting pad
    Mini screwdriver

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