Hangar 9 Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF, 87"

Hangar 9


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  • Hangar 9 Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF, 87"
  • introduction

    Piper Pawnee agricultural and multi-purpose aircraft have earned an excellent reputation for their good-natured flight characteristics and fulfill every task with flying colors - from fertilizing the fields to towing gliders and banners and much more. The Hangar Pawnee Brave 20cc is an ARF replica of the more powerful, capable and larger Pawnee Brave variant. The model can be powered by an electric motor, a methanol engine or a petrol engine to cover a wide range of performance - from prototypical flying style to sporty aerobatics. Functional landing flaps improve handling at low airspeed while providing more forgiving takeoff and landing characteristics. LED landing lights and a clear canopy add to the realistic look and flying experience, while Tundra-style wheels/tires allow for flying on asphalt, dust, gravel, and grass runways. The factory applied UltraCote ®-Foil and the painted GRP parts save time and look great, and the two-piece wing makes it easy to transport and store.


    • Expertly constructed from laser cut balsa wood and plywood
    • Quick-mount wing and tailplane for quick setup
    • Functional landing flaps expand the flight spectrum and ensure greater fidelity to the original
    • Painted fiberglass hood
    • Matching chassis made of painted aluminum
    • Large upper fuselage lid provides easy access to electronics or flight battery
    • Detailed cockpit area with pilot figure, instrument panel decal and clear canopy
    • Drilling templates facilitate assembly and alignment of all recommended drive options
    • Easy- care Hangar 9 ® UltraCote ® covering film
    • Motor mount included for electric drive option
    • The complete accessory set includes a matching spinner


    The new Hangar 9 ® Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF is designed for scale and sport pilots. Depending on the drive, it offers a wide range of performance and good all-round flight characteristics as well as a short assembly time. The 203cm wingspan with a two piece wing makes her an excellent everyday larger scale model. Designed for intermediate to advanced pilots interested in a practical, larger scale ARF model of Piper's crop dusting agricultural and utility aircraft, the model comes with functional LED landing lights and flaps, tundra-style wheels/tires and can can be powered by an electric, methanol or petrol engine for true-to-scale sport flying The Hangar 9 UltraCote ®-Covering and the painted GRP parts save time and look great. Also included are scale details such as a detailed cockpit area with pilot figure, instrument decals and a clear canopy. From scale crop dusting to aerobatics, the Hangar 9 Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF covers all your expectations of a scale sport aircraft in one flight.

    video overview


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    lightweight construction 
    lightweight construction

    Expertly built to exacting standards, laser-cut lightweight balsa and plywood construction gives the Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF exceptional durability. The original Hangar 9 ® UltraCote ® film, carefully applied at the factory, ensures an easy-care surface that impresses from every angle.


    Easy installation 
    Easy installation

    The wing design makes transport and storage as practical and convenient as possible.


    scale details 
    scale details

    In addition to the factory-applied UltraCote ® film, other iconic details include functional LED landing lights and flaps, large wheels/tires and a painted pilot figure.


    Choose your drive variant 
    Choose your drive variant

    The Pawnee Brave 20cc ARF is designed for 20cc gasoline or methanol engines or equivalent electric motors.



    The 203cm wingspan offers good-natured flight characteristics with a large speed range. Hinged landing flaps also improve the slow flight characteristics, so that you can emphasize your prototypical flying style with shorter takeoffs and slower landings.


    Practical features 
    Practical features

    The wing halves feature a sturdy aluminum splice tube for easy transport and storage. When the model is upright, access to the interior of the model is facilitated by a large hatch on the top of the fuselage, making maintenance or changing the battery a breeze.


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    product properties

    LiPo compatibility 6S
    completion level Almost ready to fly
    Minimum speed control 100A
    batteries Sold Separately
    engine size 20cc

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