Hobbywing FLYFUN 130A HV Opto V5 esc 6-14s OPTO



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  • Hobbywing FLYFUN 130A HV Opto V5 esc 6-14s OPTO
  • Current: 130A (instant 160A) 
    Power: 6-14S LiPo lithium battery 
    Specifications: 110x50.3x33.2mm 
    Weight: 221.5g 
    BEC: none (without bec) 

    Setting card: LED digital tube setting card. Or remote control settings. 
    Throttle more linear, lower temperature, longer flight time 

    (DEO --- Driving Efficiency Optimization), which is used to optimize the efficiency of synchronous rectification,Bring faster and more linear throttle response, flight stability and flexibility at the same time to be strengthened; lower temperature rise,Electric transfer work more reliable; higher drive efficiency, extended life time. 

    Slow start technology, adaptive ducted motor, reverse thrust function, 
    More like a real, fixed wing flight to add more fun 

    The new design of multi-file slow start function, in addition to adapt to the general propeller aircraft, the more suitable for different sizes Ducted aircraft; with reverse thrust function (on the anti-braking function on the tune), the aircraft landed open Can effectively reduce the aircraft taxi distance, simulation of real aircraft ultra-short distance landing mode, in addition to ordinary Brake, proportional brake, brake off three modes, in the ordinary brake mode brake strength adjustable in the proportion of brake 
    In the car mode, the brake force is automatically distributed by the accelerator rocker.

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