HSDJETS F-16 V2 Foam Turbine Black Camo Colour PNP With Smoke System



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  • HSDJETS F-16 V2 Foam Turbine Black Camor PNP With Smoke System






    Q: What does PNP mean?

    A: It means the aircraft has equipment already installed and tested, for example: servos, ESC, power system, landing gear, control system (UBEC is included but no power supply), light cables (according to the model of aircraft), but clients will have to supply or buy a remote control, receiver, battery, and charger themselves. The aircraft is 90% installed. *Note: If bought with a turbine, the turbine will not be pre-installed.

    *: A: The reason grass runways are not recommended, is due to the size of the undercarriage and wheels, not all grass runways/flying fields are the same, many are rough with divots and if the grass is not smooth, flat or is not short this could rip the undercarriage out and we can’t warranty this. While Tarmac and Concrete tend to be a lot smoother, flatter and more uniformed.