iSDT BAP2 Smart Lipo 2S Module



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  • iSDT BAP2 Smart Lipo 2S Module

    Smart module for 2S LiFe,LiPo,LiHv,ULiHv. Connection via battery balance connector. Miniature dimensions 36x16x9mm, weight only 2,8g.
    Controlled by BT via BattAir app.


    • works with iSDT chargers which supports Air function (K4, Air8, K2Air)
    • setting battery parameters via the BattAir app (downloadable via Google Play and Appstore)
    • automatic battery detection when connected to a compatible charger - no need to re-set anything each time you charge
    • clear history of battery status
    • basic status information via LED indication on the BAP module (app connected, discharging, charge above 90%, charge between 20-90%, battery discharged below 20%, etc.)
    • connection protected by password

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