ISDT K1 Dual Charger AC 100W / DC 250Wx2 Charger



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  • ISDT K1 Dual Charger AC 100W / DC 250Wx2 charger

    AC / DC dual mode:
    • Two-channel fast charging
    • Synchronous parallel loading
    • 2.4 "IPS LCD display

    Safety connection:
    • User-friendly input interface
    • Smart design
    • The input for direct current and the input for alternating current are independent of each other.
    • Only one input can be selected at a time.
    • Ensures safe operation

    High-performance synchronous two-channel charger, with intelligent charging function:
    The Smart High Speed ​​Processor supplies parameters for every connection. Problem-free with a maximum charging power of up to 250 W for one connection. Choose ISDT, driven by innovation.

    Upgradable Firmware:
    By connecting the charger to your computer's USB-C port, the K1 can update to the latest firmware to ensure that the charger always has the best performance and the latest firmware.

    scOS 2.0:
    The scOS 2.0 update not only optimizes, but also brings the software to a new level and also improves system stability. New functions like DC Power Mode, Dark Mode, Battery Scrap and more. Streamline supports BattGo and SmartPower to ensure the exchange of product information within the ISDT systems.

    Adjustable digital power supply:
    • In the adjustable digital power supply mode, the maximum power is AC 100W / DC 120W.
    • CC: 0.2-5.0A
    • CV: 5-24V

    Dark mode:
    The scOS 2.0 update with the new dark mode function registers the ambient light in order to adapt the screen brightness to the respective lighting conditions in order to protect the user's eyes. The convenient display is retained.

    Battery discharge mode:
    The scOS 2.0 update has a discharge mode for batteries. For batteries that have to be disposed of, set the voltage to 0V to ensure safe discharge.

    Creative Interactive System:
    Supports 152 countries, regions, and the online update is multilingual to get a better interactive system for the global market.

    • Input voltage: AC 100 ~ 240V / DC 10 ~ 30V
    • Output voltage: DC 1 ~ 26.4V
    • Max. Input current: 20A
    • Charging current: 0.1 ~ 10A x2
    • Compensation current: 0.5A / cell Max
    • Max. Charging power: AC 100W / DC 250W x2
    • Supported battery types and number of cells: LiFe, Lilon, LiPo 1 ~ 6S, LiHv 1-6S, Pb 1-10S, NiMH / Cd 1-16S
    • Working temperature: 0 ~ 40
    • Storage temperature: -20 ~ 60 +
    • Dimensions: 135x115x49mm
    • Weight: About 485g

    Technical specifications
    Input voltage (V): AC 100 ~ 240V / DC 10 ~ 30V
    Selection category: Chargers 12 + 220V
    chargeable battery types: LiFe, Lilon, LiPo, LiHv, NiMh / Cd, Pb
    loadable number of cells: LiFe, Lilon, LiPo 1 ~ 6S / Pb 1-10S
    Power / watt (W): 250W x2
    Charging current (category): 10A


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