Jeti Central BOX 100


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    • Jeti Central BOX 100
  • The Central Box 100 is a switchboard designed for the complete management of servos in a model with an emphasis on safety. The Central Box 100 has a unique design that provides overload protection at each servo output. It can manage a single battery and fully supports the JETI EX telemetry system. Up to two receivers with serial (PPM, EX Bus) output can be connected to the Central Box 100. 

    Central Box 100 supports up to 8 protected servo outputs and a single battery input.

    Overload protection on each channel
    Possibility to connect up to 2 receivers with serial interface (PPM, EX Bus)
    Built-in Expander function
    MPX battery input connectors: 1x
    100Hz mode of servo outputs (10ms period)
    Supports EX telemetry (voltage, current, capacity, and temperature measurement, overload indication, ...)
    Easy settings changes via DC/DS transmitter
    Firmware updates by user
    Suitable for use with high voltage (HV) servos
    Compact size for easy installation
    Each output is individually configurable (channel assignment, trim, reverse, A TV)

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