Jeti DSM 10 - Dual Switch Mixer



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            • Jeti DSM 10 - Dual Switch Mixer
          • The DSM 10 is an electronic switch for two receiver batteries that are connected to one receiver. The product also includes a receiver power switch. The accumulators connected to the DSM10 inputs are continually measured and connected to the output either by the hysteresis comparator or the accumulator with the higher voltage. The DSM 10 has an MPX connector that allows you to connect the output directly to the receiver. MPX connector is part of Duplex receivers labeled EPC (External Power Connector), receivers R14 and R18. The DSM 10 does not include stabilizers to adjust the voltage level of the connected batteries. On the DSM 10 output, the voltage will always be the same as that of the connected battery that has a higher voltage. Make sure that the receiver, servos, and other devices that are powered from the DSM 10 output, are at a given voltage. The DSM 10 is controlled by a magnetic switch that can be placed on the fuselage. When a special magnet is applied, the system is switched on or off. In the switched on state, the electronic switch is characterized by a minimum transient resistance.

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