Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Line Dark Red Transmitter



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          • Jeti Duplex DS-24 Carbon Line Dark Red Transmitter

        • The DS-24 inch transmitter is an evolution in the world of high-end RC components. Transmitters have been developed with a focus on maximum performance, with emphasis on ease of operation, maximum durability and reliability of mechanical parts. The metal casing provides maximum protection and protection against chemicals and simple shapes for easy maintenance. Metal cross controls with ball bearings and Hall magnetic sensors suggest the revolutionary concept and construction of this most challenging element of the RC kit.

          The color LCD display, located on the top of the transmitter, offers perfect readability in any lighting and large viewing angle. Thanks to the fine resolution of the display and the use of a large number of graphics, it was possible to create simple and intuitive settings and especially displaying telemetric data by means of graphs. on the computer. The transmitter allows you to set up a sound alert (even user-defined sounds) related to both the current telemetry values ​​and the assignment of sounds to the states of each driver. 

          The DC-24 and DS-24 transmitters have the same software capabilities, plus the built-in 3-axis gyroscope accelerometer, thus controlling the additional functions of the model. 

          Duplex 2,4GHz - the DS-24 transmitter uses the Duplex 2,4GHz wireless system developed by JETI model to control and receive telemetry data. The Duplex 2.4GHz data transfer system is reliable and proven for years. 

          900MHz Duplex - The DS-24 has a 900MHz back-up wireless module, offering unsurpassed data security and reliability. The backup system works in collaboration with the main Duplex 2.4GHz system. 

          Built-in Telemetry - The DS-24 transmitter has been developed from the outset with a view to clearly displaying and using telemetry for model control. 

          Integrated microphone with voice recognition- With the integrated microphone, you can prepare your own audio files. In addition, you can set the transmitter to respond to multiple voice commands. 

          FM Radio - You can listen to your favorite station at the airport. 

          Audio Player - The music player application supports MP3 and WAV formats. 

          Model and Background Image - The DS-24 transmitter allows for a wide range of user environments. 

          Color schemes - you can select a color scheme that best matches the model colors. The DS-24 offers several predefined color schemes. 

          User Applications - The DS-24 transmitter can be easily extended with third-party applications written in Lua(
          See the documentation for more information . 

          The DS-24 transmitter design is designed to provide maximum user comfort with superior materials for exclusive looks and durability. 

          Precision cross controls - made of metal parts, mounted in ball bearings, which together with contactless sensing guarantees a long life. 

          Vibration Response - Drivers are equipped with vibration motors that can be used to signal in conjunction with alarms, timers, etc. 

          LCD Display The DS-24 has a 3.5 ”color TFT LCD display with 320x240 pixels resolution and perfect readability under any conditions. 

          Li-Ion battery- a reliable power source with high capacity and long life. 

          Easy charging - just plug in the power adapter. When charging, the status of the battery is indicated on the display of the DS-24 transmitter. 

          USB connector - convenient connection to your PC. Allows for fast firmware updates, audio recording, telemetry, etc. 

          Integrated Antenna - The antenna is an integral part of the transmitter and is protected against mechanical damage. 

          Color: Bordo metal. LZ8N 
          Dimensions: 194x233x40 mm 
          Weight: 1250 g 
          Transmitting power: (2.4GHz) 100 mW 
          Number of channels: 24 
          Number of controls: 24
          Telemetry: YES 
          Battery Operation: 12 h 
          Transmission Power 900MHz (863-870 MHz): 25 mW 
          Compatible Protocols: DUPLEX 2.4GHz EX, 900MHz, EX Bus 

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