Jeti Duplex REX6



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        • Jeti Duplex REX6

      • 6 channel receiver compatible with JETI EX & EX Bus protocols. Supports telemetry functions. Includes PPM input, PPM output, integrated expander for EX and EX Bus and UDI digital output. 

        The Duplex REX series receivers are designed for operation with DC / DS transmitters and Duplex Tx transmitter modules operating in the 2.4GHz band. With full digital and two-way communication between transmitter and receiver, it brings new possibilities in remote control of models. The main advantages include high interference resistance, reach to the limit of visibility, the ability to monitor model status and many other features at any time.

        Duplex EX telemetry is based on an open protocol, which offers a wide range of options for telemetry sensors from both JETI model and other manufacturers. It is possible to use JETIBOX profi or DC / DS transmitters to display telemetry data. 

        dimensions 38x25x11 mm 
        weight 11 g 
        antenna length 2x100 mm 
        number of output channels 6 
        Support for receiver satellites Rsat YES 
        supply voltage 3,5-8,4 V 
        average current 75 mA 

        Duplex REX receivers are fully compatible with the previous version of Duplex.

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