JTA Innovations SLICK Blue / White 33" EPP 3D Aerobatic Model

JTA Innovations


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  • JTA Innovations SLICK Blue / White 33" EPP 3D Aerobatic Model

    From drawing, scaling, flight testing, etc., the Extra JD is the product of worldwide team collaboration. We are confident that this product will bring joy and satisfaction to many outdoor and indoor RC pilots around the globe. Along with the rest of our current JTA Innovations lineup, the Extra JD is constructed with 6mm EPP and showcases a next-gen carbon fiber construction that has been tested and approved by many top pilots including former ETOC competitors. In the air, the Extra JD will provide a stable yet aggressive feel that won’t disappoint even the most demanding pilots. Characteristics such as a rapid roll rate without a noticeable amount of drag, insane rudder authority, solid and floaty high alpha tendencies, smooth tracking, and more are going to set the Extra JD a part. On the ground, the sleek lines are certainly noticed. The color scheme designed by Alex Ames matches the attitude of the airplane perfectly. A carbon fiber texture will be noticed when looking at the black portions of the scheme.


    • Wingspan- 32” (6mm EPP)
    • Weight- Approximately 175-200g
    • Motor-2714 1730 KV BRUSHLESS Motor
        or equivalent
    • ESC- 10-15amp 
    • Servos- Robbe FS151 MG or equivelant
    • Prop- 8”-7” (8x4.7” for 2S setup, 7x4” for 3S setup)
    • Battery- 450-800mah 2S or 3S depending on motor/ESC combo max cell capabilities

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