KAVAN Brushless Motor PRO 2826-1000



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  • KAVAN Brushless Motor PRO 2826-1000
  • KAVAN PRO 2826-1000 is a miniature motor for lightweight model aeroplanes up to 450 g all-up weight powered by 2-4S LiPo flight battery pack. It could used be for “electrification” of rubber powered planes from of Guillow’s or Dumas kits (up to 1200 mm wingspan), it works great with indoor models, Dumas RC park-flyer kits and similar.

    Motor installation: KAVAN 2826-1000 has been designed both for the front and radial mount installation. Front mount: Use at least two (opposite) or four M3 screws; these may not go deeper than 3-4 mm into the front case. Radial mount: Use four M3 screws to secure the mounting cross to the firewall. The firewall should be made of 2.0 mm plywood. The radial mount set is supplied with the motor.

    The motor set contents: KAVAN PRO 2826-1000 motor w. cables (3.5 mm gold-plated connectors), radial mount set accessories.

  • Powering LiXX cells 2 - 4
    RPM/V [ot./min/V] 1000
    Max. power (180 s) [W] 200
    Internal resistance [mOhm] 163
    Open-circuit current (při 10 V) [mA] 550
    Max. peak current (180 s) [A] 14
    Diameter [mm] 28.8
    Length [mm] 24
    Length celková [mm] 40.5
    Shaft diameter [mm] 4
    Weight [g] 50
    Poles count 14
    Timing [°] 20 - 25
    ESC [A] 15 - 20
    Weight of glider (up-to) [g] 450
    Weight of trainer (up-to) [g] 450
    Weight of acrobat (up-to) [g] 400
    Weight of 3D (up-to) [g] 330
    Prop Size
    3S: 9x6""
    4S: 8x6"

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