Kavan GO-11T46MG Mini Tail / Rudder Servo ( 500 Class )



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  • Kavan GO-11T46MG Mini Tail Servo ( 500 Class )
  • High torque/high speed narrow band digital mini 41g brushless servo with titanium gear and double BB-ed output shaft. Works great as a tail servo for 380-500 RC helicopters featuring advanced gyro/flybarless control systems. All-aluminium case for perfect cooling under high load.

    Narrow band servo - 760 µs neutral, refreshing frequency up to 666 Hz - only to be used with compatible gyro/flybarless control systems as the tail (yaw) servo. It may not be connected to the regular receiver channel output (1520 µs neutral). Always be sure you have set the correct (narrow band) servo type on your gyro/control unit.

  • Servo dimensions Mini
    Servo type Digital
    Programmable Yes
    Thrust at 4.8V [kg∙cm] 5
    Thrust at 6.0V [kg∙cm] 6
    Thrust at 7.4V [kg∙cm] 7.5
    Thrust at 8.4V [kg∙cm] 8.5
    Speed at 4.8V [s/60st.] 0.09
    Speed at 6.0V [s/60st.] 0.08
    Speed at 7.4V [s/60st.] 0.072
    Speed at 8.4V [s/60st.] 0.065
    Servo gears Titanium
    Ball bearings
    High-voltage Yes
    Power supply [V] 4.8 - 8.4
    Length [mm] 35.5
    Width [mm] 15
    Height [mm] 29.2
    Weight [g] 41
    Intended for Helicopters

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