KAVAN Smart+ Soldering Station 90W UK Plug



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  • KAVAN Smart+ Soldering Station 90W
  • ntelligent soldering station with 90W pencil micro-soldering iron with microprocessor temperature control (50–480 °C). 230V/50Hz mains power supply. LED display and 3 buttons for easy operation. Adjustable operating temperature, soldering tip temperature calibration and intelligent standby mode for energy saving. Replaceable soldering tip, grounded for protection against electrostatic discharge.

    Intelligent soldering station with a 90W soldering iron with a microprocessor temperature control (50–480 °C) with a 230V mains power supply. Smart+ 90W is excellent for fine and precise work with models or other electronics with classic and SMD components using lead-free and lead solders.


    • Microprocessor temperature control 50–480 °C (in 3 selectable ranges/profiles) with a ±2 °C accuracy.
    • Accurate soldering tip temperature calibration.
    • Intelligent energy-saving standby mode - after an adjustable period of inactivity (off, 2, 5, 10 min) the soldering tip temperature is automatically reduced to 200°C to save energy and extend the life of the heating element. Thanks to the built-in motion sensor, simply pick up the soldering iron and the tip will quickly heat up to operating temperature again.
    • Password protection to secure temperature profile settings
    • LED display and 3 buttons for easy adjustments
    • 230V/50Hz mains power supply (EU mains cable) UK Supplied
    • Micro-soldering iron 30V/400Hz, max power 90 W
    • Replaceable soldering tips for fine point work and soldering thicker cables
    • ESD Safe: grounded soldering tip for protection against electrostatic discharge (tip impedance to ground less than 2 ohms/voltage difference less than 2 mV)
    • Soldering iron stand with a cleaning sponge


    Soldering station kit includes: Smart+ 90W soldering station with mains cable, soldering iron with 30V/60W power cable, grounding cable with croc clamp, soldering iron stand, cleaning sponge, instruction manual.

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