MC Cases for DJI Cendence & CrystalSky Monitor 5.5 or 7.85

MC Cases

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    • MC Cases for DJI Cendence & CrystalSky Monitor 5.5" or 7.8
  • The water- and dust-proof transportation box by the market leader MC-CASES® makes it possible to safely store the DJI Cendence Remote Control with the mounted Patch Antenna and the CrystalSky Monitor in both the 5.5" or 7.8" version inside the transportation box. You can choose whether you want to store the CrystalSky Monitor (5.5“or 7.8“) separately or already mounted on the DJI Cendence Remote Control.

    The large multi-purpose pocket underneath the CrystalSky Monitor gives you enough space to store different accessories like cleaning cloths, screws, cables and more. The compartment is additionally secured by a plastic foam lid to make sure that no accessories get lost.

    The transport box can be locked along two lugs TSA lock that has to be bought separately. Additionally, a shoulder strap can be purchased that enables you to carry the transportation box.

    The transportation box offers space for:

    1x DJI Cendence Remote Control (with mounted Patch Antenna and the RTK Datalink Pro Module), 1x CrystalSky Monitor 5.5" or 7.8", 6x Cendence batteries (WB37), 1x Cendence WB37 Charging-Hub, 1x power supply unit, 2x multi-purpose pockets (one secured by a lid) for cables and other accessories.

    We personally produce our products in Munich. For this, we use only high-quality plastic foams and assembling techniques like computer-based water jet cutting and milling. We offer you a lifetime guarantee for our products.

    Specifications of the product: 465 x 365 x 175 mm; Empty weight is 3,5kg.

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