Mercury Super Pro+ 360 Sprayer 1L

Autoglym Professional


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        • Mercury Super Pro+ 360 Sprayer 1L
        • Kwazar Mercury Super Pro+ 360 is a spray bottle with a dual-function spray head. In this way, you get an even spraying result with less strain on your fingers, because the spray head works both when the trigger is pressed and when it is released. In addition, the bottle can be used in all positions, including upside down, so it works without problems in a wide variety of applications.

          Size and features

          • bottle volume 1 liter
          • dual-function atomizer with adjustable atomization
          • works in all positions
          • there is a transparent strip on the side of the bottle with a measuring scale for dilution
          • FPM seals withstand most chemicals used in car care with a pH of 5-12

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