Polar Pro DJI Phantom 4 Gimbal Guard

Polar Pro

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  • For Phantom 4 Only , Not Adv or Pro models

    • Overview:

      Installation Note: Before each flight, check the accuracy of the Phantom 4 VPS.  Hold the drone at 3 feet above level ground with the Gimbal Guard installed. Your flight app should show an altitude of 3 feet. If it shows 0 feet, move the Gimbal Guard forward until the app corrects the Phantom 4 VPS to an altitude of 3 feet.  With correct installation of the Gimbal Guard, the VPS will not be affected.

      The PolarPro Phantom 4 Gimbal Guard provides an additional layer of protection while flying or landing your drone. The Gimbal Guard quickly and securely snaps into place, adding protection to your camera/gimbal during rough takeoffs and landings, and is compatible with all PolarPro Phantom 4 accessories. The jet black color scheme of the Gimbal Guard increases visibility when the Phantom 4 is flying in the air. Covered by PolarPro's Lifetime Warranty, the Phantom 4 Gimbal Guard is built to last. 

  • Engineered to work with the DJI Phantom 4 VPS sensors
  • Secure snap-on installation and removal
  • Increases protection during unexpected rough landings and takeoffs
  • Glass filled nylon is extremely durable and lightweight
  • Limited lifetime warranty 

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