Polar Pro DJI Phantom 4 Landing Gear

Polar Pro

€14.99 €19.99

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        • Designed specifically for the DJI Phantom 4
        • Widens stance making the P4 more stable
        • Raises camera 0.75-inches keeping it away from dust, dirt & debris
        • Securely snaps onto the P4 legs for easy installation/removal
        • Available in white or black
        • Limited lifetime warranty 
      • The PolarPro Phantom 4 Landing gear provides a more stable, wider stance for your Phantom 4. The Landing Gear quickly and securely snaps onto the legs for easy installation and removal. The Landing Gear raises the Phantom 4 up 0.75 inches keeping the camera and gimbal further away from dust, dirt, and sand. The Landing Gear keeps the Phantom 4 stable during uneven or rough takeoffs and landings. Constructed out of glass filled nylon, the Landing Gear is very durable and rigid, and PolarPro's Lifetime Guarantee ensures it will last.

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