PowerBox Battlife Guard 2s 2560



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              • PowerBox Battlife Guard 2s

              • Features


                • for 2S or 3S Li-Ion / LiPo batteries
                • Storage voltage: 3.8V per cell
                • automatic switch-off
                • virtually zero idle current
                • visual LED indicator






                Product description

                The Battlife Guard has been developed specifically for use with 2S and 3S Li-Ion and LiPo batteries. This little unit is very simple to use, and can substantially increase the useful life of these packs. If lithium batteries are stored for long periods in the fully-charged state, they deteriorate much faster than necessary. The Battlife Guard is simply plugged into the battery connector, and the electronic circuit then detects whether the pack's voltage is above a particular level. If the voltage is higher than the voltage threshold which is harmful for the battery, then the unit gently discharges



                the pack to a lower voltage level over a period of several hours. The integral LED glows to indicate that the pack is being discharged. The set final discharge voltage ensures that the battery can be stored for a protracted period without suffering damage. The Battlife Guard can be left plugged into the battery even when the discharge process is complete; as soon as the battery has reached its storage voltage, the Battlife Guard switches itself off and consumes no further current.



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