PowerBox Competition SR2 4450



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  • PowerBox Competition SR2 4450
  • Features

    • 22 channels
    • High-performance battery backer with high continuous load capacity
    • 2.4” TFT screen, legible in sunlight
    • Bi-lingual menu system
    • Consistent duplication of all power electronics
    • Redundant electronic switch
    • Servo matching for all 22 outputs
    • Auto matching function
    • Two independent door sequencers with Setup Assistant
    • The latest integrated iGyro technology, using the iGyroSAT as gyro sensor
    • Twelve independent gyro outputs for: 4x aileron, 4x elevator, 4x rudder
    • Individual gain control for all twelve gyro outputs

    Technical Data

    Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
    Power supply 2S LiPo, 2S LiIon, 2S LiFePo, 5S NiCd/NiMH
    Current drain Power-on state 260mA
    Current drain Standby 30µA
    Maximum load current 2 x 20A (<30s)
    Drop-out voltage 0.3V
    Output voltage 6.0V, 7.4V, 7.8V, unregulated
    Signal input serial

    Set contents

    • PowerBox Competition SR2
    • TFT Display
    • SensorSwitch
    • 2 patch-leads
    • 4 rubber grommets and brass spacer sleeves
    • 8 retaining screws
    • Operating instructions in German and English

    Product description


    It is now ten years ago to the month that the first Competition SRS was introduced. At that time it represented a milestone in the redundant deployment of receivers using our new type of bus technology. The unrestricted output assignment, servo matching and linking to early telemetry systems were unique features, and remained so for a long time.

    Technology has continued to develop, and modellers' requirements have become more exacting. Here at PowerBox Systems we are proud to present our latest development: the PowerBox Competition SR2. Incorporating a new external look and the very latest technology, this single unit integrates more than twenty years of experience in the design and construction of airborne electronics.

    The external changes are immediately evident: the most obvious and eye-catching feature is the new full-colour TFT screen, which is clearly legible even in full sunshine. The size of the screen has allowed us to include a self-explanatory menu structure which is so simple to use that its operation has raised not a single query from our test-pilots. Another obvious change is the large heat-sink, machined from solid metal, which significantly enhances the performance of the power supply. At the same time we were able to reduce the overall size of the Competition SR2 substantially. The associated Sensor-Switch and TFT screen are also housed in a machined aluminium case, matching the quality appearance of the SR2 itself.

    However, the most significant innovations only become evident once the unit is switched on. The main display contains all the essential data - including battery voltage, current, consumed capacity and all receiver-relevant information - which can be viewed at a glance. The screen also displays status messages concerning the iGyroSAT or GPS III, if connected to the system.

    The menu system is clearly and logically laid out, and includes many new functions as well as the familiar menu points - and all in two languages: German and English! Important new features implemented in the new Competition SR2 include the most efficient and sophisticated iGyro technology ever developed by PowerBox-Systems.

    Used in conjunction with the optional iGyroSAT sensor, the system offers twelve gyro axes which cater for every existing model variant. The highly refined Setup Assistant enables the pilot to set up complex models, such as types with dual thrust vectors, ailerons and tailerons, in just a few minutes. Once the Assistant has been completed, the transmitter channels are assigned, the directions of gyro effect are set, and the servos connected to the outputs.

    Each gyro axis can also be finely adjusted individually from the transmitter using separate channels. If an initial test-flight shows up a need to fine-tune the iGyro to meet individual requirements, a whole series of Expert settings cover every possible need.

    The servo matching feature is now displayed in graphic form on the screen, and the PowerBox Competition SR2 also allows the servo response to be adjusted using five curve points. A new development is automatic servo matching. It is a very simple matter to assign and select one or two servos in addition to the primary one, and these two or three servos can be matched accurately to each other in just a few seconds with a single button-press!

    The Competition SR2 incorporates two independent door sequencers. The standard function is designed for a retractable undercarriage, while the second can be used to implement systems such as a latching canopy control system without any additional devices. The Setup Assistant is capable of setting up the first door sequencer in just a few minutes, and three modes of operation are available. The graphic on-screen display makes additional non-standard settings very easy to set up; the entire sequential process can be observed at a glance.

    If you use a PowerBox or Jeti RC system, virtually all* the functions of the Competition SR2 can be controlled and adjusted from the transmitter. The SR2 caters for every aspect of telemetry for battery and receiver data with all supported systems. If a GPS III is connected, then GPS data are also available - limited only by the facilities of the RC system in use.



    *except the sequencers and Setup Assistant

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