PowerBox iESC 65.8. 5105



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  • PowerBox iESC 65.8. 5105
  • Features

    •  High-performance brushless speed controller with 32-bit technology
    •  Latest generation of MosFets for reduced power loss and maximum
       possible reliability
    •  Telemetry for PowerBox, Jeti and Futaba radio control systems
    •  Fixed-wing and Helicopter modes
    •  Adjustable direction of rotation, timing, battery type, freewheel, start-up
       current and other parameters
    •  Adjustable regulatory parameters in helicopter mode
    •  Parameters directly adjustable from PowerBox and Jeti transmitters
    •  Parameters adjustable using LCD programming device for all systems
    •  8A BEC
    •  Power-on self-test checks motor, throttle position and voltage
    •  Ingenious case design ensures optimum cooling

    Technical Data

    Operating voltage 3s - 6s
    Maximum load current 65A/75A Continous/Peak
    Output voltage 6.0V/7.4V/8.4V BEC
    Signal input PWM
    Supported RC systems PowerBox, Jeti, Futaba, others without telemetry
    Supported telemetry systems P²-BUS, EX-BUS, S.BUS2
    Dimensions 60 x 36 x 20 mm
    Weight 72g

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