PowerBox iServo5



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  • PowerBox iServo5  S0030000
  • Technical Data

    Operating voltage 6.0 ~ 8.4 V DC Volt
    Dimensions 40 x 20 x 38.8 mm
    Weight 79.5 g
    Torque 6.0V 29 kg/cm
    Torque 7.4V 36 kg/cm
    Torque 8.4V 38 kg/cm
    Speed 6.0V 0.118 s
    Speed 7.4V 0.094 s
    Speed 8.4V 0.085s
    Stall current 9.0A (6.0V), 11.0A (7.4V), 12.0A (8.2V)
    Center / max. Frequency 1520μs
    Dead Band 0.001 ms
    Case All Aluminium Case
    Motor Brushless Motor
    Gear Metal Alloy Gear
    Bearing 2x Ball Bearing
  • Product description

    The latest generation of servos from PowerBox Systems!


    The iServo5 heralds the arrival on the market of the latest generation of servos! Based on an extremely robust gearbox with zero lost motion and BL motor from the MKS stable, the servo now features a new electronic control unit with high-performance processor. This electronic unit operates at 1000Hz instead of the usual 300Hz of conventional digital servos, and - above all - is compatible with the PowerBox P²-BUS.

    Right from the outset the P²-BUS was developed for just such tasks, and now the iServo5 exploits all its strengths. Up to 200 servos can be connected in parallel to the P²-BUS; all of them can be addressed, and all can deliver telemetry data to the transmitter. In normal modelling applications, with the usual complement of 15 - 25 servos, data for current, voltage, torque, temperature and transit angle for all servos can be transferred without appreciable delay to the transmitter, where they can be monitored with the help of alarm settings or the telemetry log.

    For good measure the iServo5 can also be addressed from the transmitter, and is fully user-adjustable. It is not even necessary to connect the servo to the transmitter for this: any servo newly connected to the receiver is automatically detected, and can immediately be addressed at the transmitter.

    Variable parameters include excess current protection, maximum current, dead-zone and the ratio of input signal to angular travel. Current limiting is a particularly important point for applications in which mechanical conflicts are possible: if the maximum set current is reached, the iServo5 resists the load with reduced torque corresponding to the set current, instead of switching itself off.

    Naturally the iServo5 also works with any conventional PWM signal, and can therefore be operated with receivers made by all RC manufacturers. User-variable parameters such as current limiting also work in the PWM mode of operation.


    The iServo5 is supplied with a high-quality 50 mm aluminium output arm to ensure that it is able to transmit its actuating power of at least 40kg/cm to the control surface

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