Powerbox P²-ServoBridge 9250



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  • Powerbox P²-ServoBridge 9250
  • Features

    • Automatic detection of the bus system in use
    • Can be used with P²-BUS, S.BUS2, SRXL/UDI or PWM
    • Telemetry data for PowerBox, Jeti and Futaba radio control systems
    • Current, voltage and temperature acquired at the servo itself
    • Adjustable at the transmitter with PowerBox and Jeti radio control systems
    • Unrestricted choice of bus channel
    • Variable PWM frame rate: 12ms, 14ms, 16ms and 18ms
    • Accurately adjustable electronic fuse
    • Automatic fuse reset function
    • Facility to set two separate cut-off currents and times

    Technical Data

    Operating voltage 4.0 V - 10.0 V
    Current drain Power-on state 10mA
    Maximum load current 20A
    Signal input P²-BUS, S.BUS2, EX-BUS, SRXL, PWM
    Supported RC systems PowerBox, Jeti, Futaba, all with PWM
    Channels 26
    Servo sockets 1
    Servo signal resolution 0.5µs

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